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Representative 3.4% APR

Loans from £1,000 to £50,000

To apply, you must be 18+ and a UK resident with either a NatWest current account (held for 3+ months), credit card or mortgage (held for 6+ months). Credit card and mortgage customers must apply online or by phone.

Our Loans

Let us take the stress out of borrowing money.

Our loan calculator helps you figure out the best loan for you

See how likely you are to be approved without affecting your credit rating

Get a decision online in minutes

We'll pre-fill parts of your application if you use Online Banking

Reasons to take out a loan

Buying a car

Taking out a car loan could get you the car you want, quicker.

Home improvements

Sometimes it makes more sense to improve instead of move.

Consolidating debt

A debt consolidation loan could help you tidy up your finances.

Getting married

Plan the perfect day.

Going on holiday

We could help get you there. 

Top up an existing loan

Borrowing more

If you already have a loan with us but need to borrow more, we may be able to help. You could...

Open a new loan and keep your existing one

Replace your existing loan with a larger one

Already have a loan with us?

You can now manage your loan online, and do things like request your final settlement amount, make an extra loan payment or check your interest rate.

Useful info

These are some things you could use a loan for:

Buying a new or used car 

Consolidating your debt 

Making home improvements 

Paying for a wedding 

Going on holiday

If you use Online Banking, apply before 5.55pm Mon - Thur and have your loan unconditionally accepted. If you are unconditionally accepted you will receive your funds the next working day. Sometimes we'll need to contact you for more information so it takes a little longer.

Having a good credit history, paying bills on time, not missing payments and not applying for credit regularly will all help give you a good score. 

You can manage your bank account in a way which will help to improve your credit score. This means that further down the line you may then be able to successfully take out the product you originally applied for. 

Each lender has its own system, but generally, these things can improve your score: 

Being in the same job for a long time 

Owning your home 

Having lived at the same address for a while (more than a year)

Keeping your address records current 

Being on the electoral roll 

Cancelling unused credit and store cards 

Reducing your debts with savings 

Paying for insurance up front rather than monthly 

Don't guess, let us help

Depending on what you need money for, a credit card or overdraft might be a better option than a loan. Our Borrowing Options tool could help you figure out what type of lending is best for you.