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The appeal of investing online

Since its launch in 2016, thousands of customers have used the NatWest Invest service to take the hassle out of investing.

According to Nick Johnson, from the Wealth & Investment Management team at Coutts & Co. - which manages the funds for NatWest’s online investing service - a key part of the appeal of ‘NatWest Invest’ is that investors do not have the challenge of working out how to spread their money among shares and bonds, in order to manage risk.

A time for calm

2018 was a challenging year for investors with money in shares and investment funds. Stock markets around the world suffered from turbulence as a result of economic and political uncertainty, ranging from the US’s increasingly protectionist trade policies to the Brexit negotiations. Monique Wong, senior portfolio manager at private bank Coutts gives her tips for dealing with volatile markets.

What's the difference between saving and investing?

Saving and investing are things that everyone should at least be thinking about. But what are the key differences and which path is right for you? We unpack the key differences.

5 habits of experienced investors

Here are some considerations to help make investing easier. From being patient, to thinking long term, to taking a diversified approach, we look at habits that experienced investors adopt to help make decisions.

When's a good time to invest?

If you’re thinking about investing but you’re not sure where to start, this article could help. Any investment should be looked at as a medium to longer-term project (five years or more). With so many options and jargon, we’ll explain a few investment truths, in terms that should make sense to everyone.

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