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Switching to NatWest is easy

We move everything across from your old bank account to your new NatWest current account, including Direct Debits, standing orders etc, within 7 working days. You'll barely need to lift a finger.

It's completely free and backed by an industry-wide guarantee to ensure the move goes smoothly. We do this using the Current Account Switch Service.

What can I expect to happen?

Day 1 and 2

We contact your old bank and they confirm if the switch can go ahead.

Day 3

We set up your new account and move the payments across, like your salary and bill payments.
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Day 6

We talk to your old bank about transferring your balance over.
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Day 7

We’ll transfer your balance and close your old account. And that’s your switch complete.

We'll help you switch to NatWest

We can help you switch bank accounts within your application - to start, just choose the bank account that's right for you.

Our Switching Service will move everything across from your old account to your new NatWest account, including Direct Debits, standing orders etc, within 7 working days. It's completely free and is backed by an industry wide guarantee to ensure the move goes smoothly.

Please note: Our January to February £150 switch offer finishes Feb 15th at midnight.

Switcher Offer Terms Jan 2019 (PDF, 36KB) for more information.


Frequently asked questions - Switching

During your application, you'll need to tell us the account number, sort code and debit card number of the bank account you want to switch to NatWest. We then offer the following guarantee:

We’ll move all your existing payments going out (like standing orders and Direct Debits) and those coming in (like your salary), to your new account.

If your old account has an overdraft, we can move this across, subject to your individual circumstances. We will advise you whether we will be able to offer you an overdraft before progressing the switch application.

If you have any money in your old account, we’ll move it across to your new account too.

On the switch date, we’ll close your old account.

We’ll make sure any payments accidentally made to your old account after the switch date are redirected to your new account. We’ll also contact the sender and give them your new account details. 

During your application you can switch one current account from another provider to Natwest, and the account must be solely in your name. If you’d like to switch more than one sole account, you can do this once your new account is open. You can’t switch a joint account into a sole account.

Before we start the switch, we’ll check that your old account is able to be switched using the Current Account Switch Service – 99% of UK current accounts are eligible to use the service. If your current account isn’t eligible, we can still organise the switch for you. It’ll just take a little longer.

Yes, we’ll automatically close your old account as part of the 7 day switching process. 

This happens so that any payments made to your old account will be automatically redirected to your new one. 

If your old account is overdrawn and the overdrawn amount is not paid off by the day the switch completes, we won’t be able to close the account but it will become inactive.

Yes – you can still use your old account right up to and including Day 6. This includes using your cards, online banking and mobile banking. 

Don’t set up any new payments on your old account though, as we won’t be able to transfer those across.

To cancel your switch completely, you need to let us know at least 7 working days before your switch date. 

After that, only certain elements can be cancelled depending how far through the process we are. We’d guide you through the process though if you choose to do this.

We may be able to provide facilities to help you pay off any overdraft, subject to our normal lending criteria. If an arranged overdraft limit is agreed, this may not match that offered by your old bank. If this isn’t the case you must make separate arrangements to repay your old bank or building society what you owe.

Please be aware that if your old bank do receive any future credits, they may keep these to offset what you still owe them.

I'm ready to switch

Great, thanks for choosing to switch your current account to us. Are you a…

The first step is to apply for a current account with us

To find out more, simply choose the account you're interested in and when you are ready, start the online application. You will be able to request the switch during the application.

As we already know you, this should only take a few minutes.

By proceeding below you are requesting that we close your old current account held elsewhere (savings accounts are excluded) and switch into your existing NatWest current account.

We'll need the account number and sort code of both accounts during the switch applicaiton.

How your information might be used

It's important for you to understand how we use and share your information. Please read this short summary before you continue with your application.

Are you ready to continue?

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