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Register for Telephone banking

To make the most of our Telephone banking service you will first need to register. If you are registered for Online Banking you will automatically be registered for Telephone banking. Just make sure you know your customer number and are able to provide 2 digits of your online PIN when required to pass security. 

Get set up for Telephone banking

If you're a new Personal, Premier or Business customer, you will get the option to sign up for Online Banking and Telephone banking when opening a new account.


If you are an existing personal, premier or business customer the quickest and easiest way to get you set up for Telephone banking is to visit our Online Banking pages.


Registering for Online Banking gives you access to both Online and Telephone banking. If you have a NatWest debit card you may be able to set up a password and PIN that gives you instant access.


If you are having difficulties online and need help our telephony team can also register you for Telephone banking although this will take longer than registering online and we won't be able to give you instant access.


Register for Telephone banking
Accounts in England and Wales: 0800 88 11 77
Minicom: 0800 404 6161
Accounts in Scotland: 0345 301 0897
Minicom: 0800 092 9098


Please note: These numbers are to register for Telephone banking; you won't be able to carry out any transactions until you are registered.

Are you using the correct number when calling us?


We have updated all our numbers to 0345 or 0800 to give you the lowest call rate. Have you updated all stored numbers to contact us?

Make the most of Telephone banking

Already registered?

Need to call Telephone banking and forgot the number

Call us on:


03457 888 444. Overseas: +44 8705 888 444

Minicom: 0800 404 6161


Remember: You'll only be able to use Telephone banking if you have your PIN and Password

Using our automated telephone service

You can carry out a range of transactions on the phone once registered.

When you call us on 03457 888 444 (International+44 1792 244 609), you will hear an automated menu where you can make a selection based on what you want to do.


To keep you safe & secure, you will be asked to provide your Customer Number and 2 digits of your PIN. This is the same information used to log into Online Banking.


If you register for Online Banking you can use Telephone Banking as well. Provide your Debit Card details and you may get instant access to your accounts. Register Now




To register for Telephone Banking, call 0800 881177 for accounts in England and Wales (Minicom 0800 4046161). Call 0345 301 0897 for accounts in Scotland (minicom 0800 092 9098). Calls may be recorded


Option 1

For self service automated balances, transactions, payments and general banking queries. Then:


Press 1 - For balance and account transactions, then follow the prompts to hear your balance/available funds, hear recent transactions and search for a transaction.

Press 2 - For transfers and payments, then follow the prompts to transfer money between your NatWest accounts, pay a NatWest credit card and pay a bill or individual

Press 3 - To order a statement, cheque or paying-in book

Press 4 - For assistance from a UK-based customer adviser



Option 2

If you are an existing customer and would like to talk to a UK-based customer adviser about an existing loans and overdrafts or to apply for a product.



Option 3

If you're registered for our Online/Telephone Banking and would like to talk to a UK-based customer adviser.

Get Emergency cash

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you can still access your cash through our Telephone service.

Call us on: 0370 600 0459

  • Follow the options to speak to a customer adviser
  • The adviser will cancel your card, and then ask you some security questions
  • If you are registered for Online Banking or Telephone Banking, the adviser may be able to generate an Emergancey cash code for you. This will allow you to withdraw your cash from an ATM if required.
  • The adviser will give you a six digit code that you can enter at any NatWest, RBS or Tesco ATMs to use within 3 hours
Calls may be recorded. The amount requested must be within your daily withdrawal limit for your debit card and you need money available in your account (including an overdraft facility).

Contact numbers for the hard of hearing

If you are already registered for Telephone banking and are hard of hearing, please use our Minicom number - 0800 404 6161


If you want to register for Telephone banking and are hard of hearing, please is the following Minicom numbers:

  • 0800 88 11 77 - for accounts in England and Wales
  • 0345 301 0897 - for accounts in Scotland
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