What you'll need


The NatWest app already installed on your device

The account number and sort code of the person your are looking to pay

Your step-by-step guide:

  1. 01

    Log into mobile app 

  2. 02

    Choose the account you wish to make a payment from 

  3. 03

    Tap on 'Payments'

  4. 04

    Select 'Make a payment'

  5. 05

    Tap on ‘Select Payee’

  6. 06

    Select 'Pay someone new' at the top of the screen

  7. 07

    Enter payee details e.g. name, account number, sort code, click 'continue'

  8. 08

    Enter a reference and amount and click 'Make Payment'

  9. 09

    Check and confirm payment details, if correct select 'Make Payment'