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App available to Online Banking customers with a UK or 
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How we protect your money

Protecting you and your money is really important to us. Therefore we have implemented two layers of security authentication in the app, level 1 and level 2.

This means when you first enroll for Mobile Banking you will be given level 1 access, so you are limited to making balance and transaction enquiries and moving money between your own accounts.

Level 2 access allows you to use all the features the mobile app has to offer, here are some examples of what you’ll be able to do when you fully unlock your NatWest app:

  • Pay someone new up to £750 with an account number and sort code
  • Pay your contacts just using their mobile number
  • Get Cash from an atm without your debit card
  • Cancel a Direct debit directly from your app
  • Amend/create a standing order in your app

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To access all of your level 2 features, you will need to select 'Unlock new features' within the 'My Profile' section of the app and follow the step by step instructions onscreen.

Log into your mobile app with your fingerprint

Fingerprint ID

Get Cash without your debit card, nice!

Get Cash

Pay and recieve money with a mobile number

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Pay someone new upto £750, no card reader needed

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Fingerprint & Face ID

You can choose to enable or disable Fingerprint Login at any time through the 'Profile' menu (the icon in the top right corner on the account list screen) within the app.

You will always have the option of entering your passcode for our app, even if Fingerprint Login is activated.

To use this feature you must have set up Fingerprint ID on your device. Android Fingerprint is available on selected Android devices and Touch ID is available on selected Apple devices. If your device is set up for Face ID you can also set up this functionality.

Both your fingerprint and face are unique to you - you can't forget them. Set up this secure feature today!

Show me how...

  1. Ensure your Touch ID (iOS) or Fingerprint ID (Android) is set up in your phone settings.
  2. Log in to the app
  3. Click the person in the top right corner to launch "My Profile"
  4. Select "Settings"
  5. Select "Touch ID" (iOS) or "Fingerprint ID" (Android)
  6. Swipe to switch on "Enable Touch ID" (iOS) or "Enable Fingerprint ID" (Android) and select "Done"
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Get cash

Get Cash lets you withdraw cash from a cash machine, without the need for a debit card. Perfect if you've forgotten your wallet or purse and left it at home.

Withdraw up to £130 every 24 hours at any NatWest, Royal Bank (in Scotland) or Tesco ATM, as long as it’s within your daily withdrawal limit. You must have at least £10 available in your account. Plenty to get you through the rest of the day and back home safe and sound.

Show me how...

  1. Login to the app
  2. Select the "Get Cash" icon at the bottom
  3. Select the amount to withdraw
  4. Select "Next" and "Reveal Code"
  5. Go to any NatWest or Tesco cash machine, press Enter and follow the on screen instructions
Note: Your code will be valid for 3 hours. 
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Send money as easily as sending a text

Send and receive money with your mobile number

Paym is a service available to most of the UK’s leading banks and building societies that allows you to send and receive  money using just a mobile number. We call this service Pay your Contacts

To use Pay your Contacts:

  • Choose your account and tap ‘Pay your Contacts’
  • Type a mobile number or select a person from your list of saved contacts
  • Choose a reference and confirm your payment
  • The payment will be sent instantly  

Note: If you receive a 'payment unsuccessful' message then the recipient will need to register for Paym.

You must be aged 16 or over and can pay a maximum of £250 per day.

Register for Paym on Android:

  • Open the app and tap 'More menu' at the top left of the screen.
  • Then tap 'Payment Services' and 'Register for Paym'
  • Select the account in which you wish to receive payments
  • Enter the verification code we send to your mobile

Register for Paym on iPhone:

  • Open the app and tap the 'profile picture' in the top right of the screen.
  • Then tap 'Settings' then 'payment services' then 'Register for Paym'
  • Select the account in which you wish to receive payments
  • Enter the verification code we send to your mobile

Paym is available on most personal accounts.

Paym Terms and Conditions (opens in a new window)

Pay someone new upto £750

You can pay anyone with just their account number & sort code.

If you are paying a company, you don’t need the company’s account details, just type the name and we will pre-populate this information for you.

Payment limit - maximum of five payments totalling £750 per day.

Card reader needed - No.

You must be aged 16 or over. 


Show me how...

  1. Log in to your app
  2. Select "Pay" under the account you wish to pay from
  3. Select "Make a Payment"
  4. Select the arrow in the "To" section
  5. Select "Pay Someone New"
  6. Enter their Name, Account Number and Sort Code (if it is a company you just need to enter the company name)
  7. Select "Continue" and enter your "Reference" and the "Amount"
  8. Choose whether to "Send Now" or "Send Later"
  9. Select "Make Payment"
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