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Branch banking
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Our branch, mobile branch and post office services are just a handful of great ways to bank with us.


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Important information about branches

We have recently announced that we will be closing a number of branches.

Closing a branch is a decision we don't take lightly, as we know how it can affect people in the local area. We’ll always work hard to guide you through the changes and find the best way to serve you from now on.

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Find out where your closest branch is located and stay up-to-date with any bank holiday closures that my effect your local branch.

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Services available in branch

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Use our ATMs to check your balance, top up your mobile and much more.

ATM functions

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Emergency Cash/Get Cash
  • Display Balance
  • Mobile Phone Top up

Other Services

  • Cheque Book Request
  • Change PIN for your debit card
  • Unlock PIN when your debit card is locked
  • Donate to Charity

Payments & Transfers

You can do more than just access your cash at our ATM machines. You can use our ATM’s to:

  • View your balance
  • Withdraw funds
  • Make a transfer between your own accounts

You can use any NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank Northern Ireland ATM's to access these features. Just make sure you have your Debit card.

*Please be aware that ATMs in Royal Bank of Scotland branches in England & Wales can only be used to access your cash, view your balance or obtain a mini statement.


Talking ATMs  

Talking ATMs allow you to carry out transactions on your own using your headphones when plugged into the headphone jack on the ATM. The ATM will then speak out the instructions through your headphones.  

Anyone can use this functionality, however it is to help visually impaired customers use our cash machines safely and securely. The screen on the ATM will go blank once the talking functionality is enabled. 


How to use the ATMs

  • Plug in your earphones (you will need to bring your own)
  • To activate the audio functionality you need to press number 5 on the keypad before inserting your card.
  • The ATM will then tell you what you need to do and what buttons you will need to press.
  • The screen will go blank to after pressing number 5 provide privacy so none of your details are displayed. 


What transactions are covered

  • Balance
  • Cash
  • Cash with receipt
  • Mini Statement
  • Emergency Cash

Any branch member can help you if you need help or advice.

Automated Deposit Unit

Business customers can quickly deposit notes, coins & cheques using our Business Quick Deposit bags.

The Automated Deposit Unit provides a secure means for Non-Personal customers to pay in Business Quick Deposit bags (provided by the bank once registered) containing notes, coin and cheques.  This can be deposited securely with an accompanying pay in slip, via a secure slot built into the device. A receipt will be provided once a bag is deposited detailing the time, date, value and bag ID without having to queue at the counter.

Cash and Deposit machines

We have introduced Cash and Deposit machines (CDMs) into selected branches.

CDM functions

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Emergency Cash/Get Cash
  • Display Balance
  • Mobile Phone Top up
  • Deposit (where available) - notes, cheque, coin


Other Services

  • Cheque Book Request
  • Change PIN for your debit card
  • Unlock PIN when your debit card is locked
  • Donate to Charity


Payments & Transfers

  • Transfers between your own accounts
  • Bill payments - including credit cards with a Bank Giro Credit slip
  • Pay in with slip (notes*/Cheque*/coin) *where deposits available
  • Pay in with card (notes*/Cheque*/coin) *where deposts available


Make a payment using a card

  • Payment to NatWest - NatWest Machine
  • Payment to a Royal Bank of Scotland account via a Royal Bank of Scotland Machine


Not a Customer? or don't have a card and are paying notes, cheque or coin:

  • Payment to a Royal Bank of Scotland from a Royal Bank of Scotland Machine
  • Payment to NatWest from an NatWest Machine
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Cheque processing

In 2017 the process of cheque clearing in the UK will undergo an important and necessary change.

This means that your cheques will clear much faster. The main difference is that instead of exchanging physical cheques, UK banks will exchange digital images of cheques.


We are currently developing new systems and processes to enable this change to take place in late 2017.


We will of course update you ahead of these changes coming into force.


For more information on this initiative, and how it applies across the UK banking industry, click the button below.


Coin In

Pay in large amounts of coins to credit into your account.

Our Coin In machine allows customers to pay in large volumes of coin.  Customers place their coins into the loading tray, and the machine will automatically count them.  A voucher will then be produced for the customer to take to the branch counter to credit the amount to their account.


Business customers can safely pay in out of hours using our secure Nightsafe boxes.

The Nightsafe facility provides a secure means for Non-Personal customers to pay in out of hours, using Nightsafe boxes or wallets containing notes, coin and cheques with an accompanying pay in slip. The Nightsafe boxes and wallets are provided upon sign up. Deposits can be made via a secure safe built into the wall outside a branch. A key which is unique to the customer is provided to open and close the safe door. The contents of the wallet/boxes will then be processed the following working day by branch staff. Any customers not already registered to use Nightsafe will be required to do so in order to use the facility.


Depositors are advised to see that their insurance policy covers the contents of the wallets/boxes left in the Nightsafe.

Mobile branch banking

Mobile branches for rural communities

If you live or visit a rural community, our mobile branch bank could be the answer you’re looking for.

Customers visiting the mobile branch bank will be able to carry out a range of personal banking transactions onboard, including:

  • Cashing cheques
  • Making account deposits
  • Paying bills
  • Accessing forms to open accounts

The NatWest Mobile Branch Banking service operates 5 days a week, all year round except for Christmas day / Bank Holidays and can accept deposits, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and has an on-board customer phone facilities for contacting central areas to enquire about loans, credit cards, mortgages, insurance, etc.

Find out where our mobile branches are located

Community Bankers
Using post office

Community bankers

Discover your local Community Banker and how they can help you

Our Community Bankers are professionally qualified bankers who meet our customers where it's most convenient for them – whether that's libraries, places of work, rugby clubs, leisure centres or even customers' homes.

Banking at the Post Office

Using the Post Office

Find your nearest branch and use Cash Deposit Machines and ATMs to check your balance, pay in cash and cheques.

Missed the Bank or not near a NatWest Bank branch?


We’ve increased the number of services available at thousands of Post Office® outlets across the UK giving you more choice as to how you choose to Bank with Us! As a NatWest customer, you can:


  • Get a balance using your debit card and PIN
  • Withdraw cash using your debit card and PIN
  • Pay in cash with a pre-printed paying-in slip or chip and PIN debit card
  • Make cheques deposits with a pre-printed paying-in slip
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