Ways to bank

Ways to bank with us

The mobile app, your fastest way to bank

The mobile app is like a branch in your pocket. Always open, no queues, safe and secure with 24/7 support.

Log in securely and quickly

  • Only you can log into your app using your fingerprint or face
  • Use Touch ID, Face ID and Android Fingerprint to log in quickly to the app

Check your balance and pending transactions

  • Check your balance 24/7 wherever you are
  • Stay up-to-date, all transactions are instantly shown in the app

Transfer money between your accounts

  • Transfer money between your accounts in only 20 seconds
  • Set up a transfer to leave on a future date

Make payments and manage regular payments

  • Pay someone you have previously paid in only 27 seconds
  • Create, amend and cancel  regular payments in the app

Pay someone new

  • Make a new payment in the app in only 58 seconds
  • Send up to £750 instantly to someone new

Chat to us 24/7 using your app

  • You can chat to us 24/7 using our secure in-app Message Us service

Other ways to bank

Online Banking

Reduce paper waste with paperless statements, create text alerts and make international payments
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Telephone banking

We are here to chat to if you need extra help, update your details and order statements
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Face-to-face banking

Speak to us by visiting a branch or Post Office®. Alternatively let a Community banker come to you. Or why not try our Video Banking service?

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