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How our services are running and updates on planned maintenance

What's this all about?

Find out important updates related to our range of services. And, you can also see whether our range of services are running as we expect, if we're aware of any issues, or if we're planning a period of maintenance soon.

Planned Upgrades

In order to keep our systems up to date and add improvements we sometimes need to carry out essential maintenance.

So we don't cause you too much disruption, we do this in the early hours of the morning from 02:00 to 02:40.

When we have essential maintenance planned outside of these times, we will provide an update below and give you the specific times and services affected. 


There are reports in the media around Travelex data being held to ransom.  At this time Travelex have advised there's been no breach of customer data.  We are monitoring this closely with them and we will provide an update if this changes.

We use industry-leading fraud defence technology to protect you and we work around the clock to monitor for suspicious activity on your account.  We will contact you if we spot any unusual activity on your account.  You can order a replacement card and monitor your account for any suspicious activity via Online or Mobile Banking if you have any concerns.

Here are some simple steps you can take to better protect yourself:

  • Sign-up  for our free Account Alerts service via our Online or Mobile Banking so you can keep track of activity on your account
  • Ensure that you don’t recycle your passwords - use a unique password for your online and mobile banking and don’t  reuse this password with any other online service
  • Over the coming weeks, you may receive emails, phone calls, or SMS messages relating to this issue.  If you receive such as message, it is worth taking a few moments to stop and check whether it is genuine. Remember we will NEVER ask you for your full PIN or Password, card reader codes, or ask you to move money from your account.  We’ve worked with many other UK banks to provide free fraud advice that is relevant to all, so if you want to know more look online for ‘Take Five to Stop Fraud’ from UK Finance

We are working hard to protect you from fraud. If you have any concerns please speak to one of our team via webchat or secure messaging in our mobile app.

Our Services

Below you'll see whether our range of services are running as expected, if we're aware if any issues, or, if we're planning any updates in the near future.

Online and Mobile Services

Mobile App

Service working normally



Online Banking

Service working normally


Service working normally

Payments and Cards


Service working normally

Credit Cards

Service working normally

Debit Cards

Service working normally

Branch, ATMs and Telephone Services


Service working normally

ATM Network

Service working normally

Telephone Services

Service working normally

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