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Manage your savings

Manage your

Whatever you’re saving for, we're
here to help you achieve your goal

Step 1. Work out how much you can afford to save

Thinking about a new car or your next holiday? Whatever you're saving for, we can help you get into the habit of putting away a bit of cash each month.

Our budget calculator and tools make it easy to find out how you could save more. It's a simple way to plan your spending and make your money go further.

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Step 2. Decide how you want to save

I want to save regularly

If you set up a regular payment, known as a standing order, you don't need to think about moving money each month because it will happen automatically. It's a great habit to start - you can easily change or cancel the standing order any time you like and you can choose how often you want to save, whether weekly, monthly or less frequently.


We will set up a standing order for you, or transfer money from an existing NatWest account, if you asked us to in your application.


If you have our mobile app you can set up a standing order quickly and easily - simply choose the account that you want the regular payment to come from and select the 'Standing order' section.


If you use online banking, simply select 'Payments and transfers' from the left hand menu and go to the 'Standing orders' section.


You can also call us or visit us in branch to do this.


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Don’t bank with us? You can contact your other bank to set up a standing order using your savings account details.

I want to save flexibly whenever it suits me

Don’t want to commit to saving a set amount each month? You can quickly and easily transfer money to your savings account any time you like via our mobile app or online banking if you have them, or you can call or visit us in branch.


To make a transfer from the mobile app simply select the 'Transfer' button next to your chosen eligible account.


To make a transfer in online banking go to the 'Payments and transfers' section and select 'Make a payment or transfer'.


You can also call us or visit us in branch to make a transfer or pay money into your account.


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Don’t bank with us? You can contact your other bank to make a transfer using your savings account details.

How do I put money in my fixed term account?

You’ll want to ensure that you transfer any money into your fixed term account before the term start date or you may miss out on a fixed interest rate.


You can find the key dates and the minimum balance criteria in your account Information Sheet.

Step 3. Manage your account

You can check your balance and pay money into and out of your account online, via the app, in branch or over the phone. 

If you use online banking you can close an instant access savings account online.  You can also find details on how you can close your account by visiting our support centre.

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