Pigbys Fair

Pigby's Fair

Our new app has arrived

Pigby's Fair Saving the fun way

Pigby & Friends are here. Come and join in the fun and learn to save at the village fair.

Explore fun stalls and play exciting games. There's loads to do.

Pigby will help you set up and run your own stall. So you’ll have lots of customers.

He’ll even help you save. Do it well and you'll be able to unlock new stalls and play more games. 

Search for ‘Pigby’s Fair’ on App Store and Google Play or download now (don’t forget to ask grownup permission before downloading). 

Parents– there’s strictly no in-app purchasing down at Pigby’s Fair!

Pigby's Fair App Features

- Join Pigby’s gang and play at running your own stalls in an exciting 3D world.

- To start you off there’s three fun and exciting stalls to play with. So get creative and make and customise your own:

  • Ice creams 
  • Animal masks 
  • Sports kits 

 - Can you unlock all of the mystery items…?

- Why not have a go on three classic fairground attractions:

  • Beat the clock on Crockery Smash.
  • Avoided getting zapped on Zapp!
  • Try your luck on Hook-a-Duck.

- Visit Pigby in his bank, he'll help you get saving. He’s always on-hand to offer you his advice.

- Set your savings targets using the savings calculator.  

- Browse the items in the tree house and decide what you want to save-up for next.

The story behind Pigby & Friends

Pigby's Fair app demonstration

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Visit First Saver

Our First Saver is an instant access account and is designed to help children save. Pigby and his friends are here to make it fun along the way.


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