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Introducing Pigby and Friends

Introducing Pigby and Friends - Here to help make saving a whole lot of fun for kids.

The making of Pigby and Friends

Find out how Pigby & Friends came to life, how the app relates to NatWest children's savings strategy, along with behind the scenes footage of the new app development.

Pigby's Fair App Preview

Help your kids learn to save the fun way. Pigby's Fair app has arrived and you can have a sneak peek of the NatWest app here

Pigasso's Fun Stuff

Pigasso has taken a break from her latest arty masterpiece to create some fun stuff for you. It'll keep you busy on a rainy day and get you thinking about money and saving!

Pigby's Tales

Pigby & Friends star in a brand new interactive animated adventure! Watch Pigby's Tales with your child for an extra fun learning experience. Pigby's friend Buzz has a broken skateboard. He needs all the help he can get to save up for a new one and win the skateboard competition! Join Pigby and help decide how Buzz should save for his new board!

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