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Switch my NatWest mortgage

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Choose a new deal in 3 easy steps...

1. Use our helpful online Mortgage Rate Finder tool

As your NatWest mortgage deal is coming to an end why don't you take a look at the new mortgage deals available, rather than roll off on to our Standard Variable Rate.


Using our Mortgage Rate Finder tool you can enter a few simple details about your existing mortgage to see what new deals are available to you and the monthly payments for each. If your existing mortgage is made up of more than one part (sub-account) than you need to use the tool for each individual part, should there be any aspect that is not exactly the same e.g. remaining term, repayment method, etc. (Remember to include the monthly cost of any part that is not eligible for renewal at this time).    


Mortgage Rate Finder


2. Speak to one of our mortgage professionals on the phone

You can book an appointment to speak with one of our mortgage professionals on the phone. Call us to make an appointment or alternatively, you can use our free call back service and we'll call you.



Call  0800 096 9527


Opening hours: 
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-4pm.
Excluding public holidays.
Calls may be recorded.

Customers with hearing and speech impairments can contact us by using
Minicom number 0800 027 1396


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3. Agree which new deal is right for you

Select your new deal and receive your confirmation documents


Non Advice  

If you contact us by phone we will not recommend a particular mortgage for you. However, based on your answers to some questions, we can give you information about our mortgage products so that you can make the final decision yourself.


You will be provided a Variation Agreement that includes a Mortgage Illustration and you have up to 14 days to accept the new deal. The new rate will be effective from the first of the month following your current deal end date.

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