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What types of mortgages do we offer?

We offer a whole range of mortgages with different benefits. Compare our mortgage types and decide which one is best for you.

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Our mortgages explained

When you’re looking for a home, not just any house will do. It needs to feel like home. And that’s the same for a mortgage. It’s important to look beyond the cheapest fees and lowest mortgage rates. Instead, think of your own personal situation and what’s right for you. 

From fixed rate to interest only, we offer a whole range of mortgages with different benefits.


Icon expand Fixed rate

As the interest rate is fixed, a fixed rate mortgage guarantees you pay the same amount for a period of time, usually two or five years. 

With a fixed rate mortgage you’ll know exactly how much your regular payment will be, so it’s perfect for helping to plan a monthly budget and keep your spending on track. 

After this time, your interest rate will likely go back to the Standard Variable Rate (SVR). The SVR is the interest rate set by your lender which could rise or fall. If it falls, your regular payment may reduce, but if it rises, your regular payment may increase. 

If you take out a fixed rate mortgage you will not get the benefits of any fall in interest rates.

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Icon expand Tracker rate

Unlike a fixed rate mortgage, your interest will rise and fall in line with another interest rate – typically the Bank of England’s base rate – for a certain period of time. This is usually two, three or five years. 

If the rate drops, your monthly mortgage payments will also drop. You can take advantage of these lower rates by overpaying on your mortgage (although there may be early repayment charges). This can make it quicker to pay off your mortgage and reduce the amount of interest you pay. 

However, if the rate goes up, so will your mortgage payments as you’re not protected by a fixed rate. 

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Icon expand Standard variable rate

Standard variable rate, or SVR, is the mortgage type your fixed rate or tracker will automatically convert to when your initial term is over. 

If your mortgage is on the standard variable rate and it changes, your mortgage payments will also change, either going up or down depending on the rate. 

If you don’t want to move on to a SVR mortgage, you can shop around at the end of your fixed term for another fixed term deal. 

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Icon expand Offset

An offset mortgage allows you to link your savings and current account to your mortgage so you only pay interest on the difference between your mortgage and the balance of your savings account.

Although the interest rates are often higher, you’ll be able to repay your balance in full at any time without any early repayment charges.

While this could mean that your savings are no longer growing, you'll still have full access to them, allowing you to deposit and withdraw funds.

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Icon expand Interest only mortgages

This is where you only pay the interest on your mortgage and nothing off the initial amount borrowed. 

At the end of the mortgage term you’ll still owe the full amount of the mortgage, so it’s important that a suitable repayment plan is in place to repay the mortgage off in full at the end of the term.

The type of mortgage is not available to all customers and may have specific terms and conditions attached.

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Icon expand Buy to let

If you’re looking to invest and buy a property to rent out you need to get a Buy to Let mortgage. 

Buy to let mortgages are similar to a standard mortgage, although interest rates and fees tend to be higher for this mortgage, as well as the minimum deposit.

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Planning your mortgage

Maybe you want to see how much you could borrow next. Or just understand the application process better. We have helpful tools and tips to help you plan your journey from start to end.

Mortgage calculators

Our mortgage calculators give you an indication of the type of mortgage you could get, based on your personal details and current circumstances, helping you to make smart financial choices.

Mortgage calculators

The home buying process

Read our guide on the home buying process to better understand the steps to get a NatWest mortgage and purchase a home.


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First time buyer guide

We are here to help you on the journey to buying your first home. Our guide tells you everything you need to know to get on the property ladder.


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General Information about our mortgages

Please see the General Information document below for full information about NatWest mortgages, from the types of mortgage we offer to the levels of service we provide. It's all here in one place.


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