NatWest Types of mortgage transcript

Video Transcript Q: What types of mortgages are there?

PMA: A mortgage is a loan to buy a property - it's designed to be paid back with interest over a long period, typically 25 years. Our range of mortgages includes:

Fixed Rate mortgages mean your monthly mortgage repayments stay the same for as long as the initial deal lasts - which is typically 2 or 5 years. You're effectively protecting yourself against interest rates going up. But of course, if rates tumble your repayments will not fall.

Our Tracker Mortgage follows the NatWest Bank Base rate. So if base rate rises or falls, our tracker mortgage will move in line with this.

FIXED AND TRACKER MORTGAGES-Early Repayment Charges may apply during the discount period and Product fees may apply.

And Offset Mortgage link your savings and your current account balances to your mortgage so you only pay interest on the difference. It could help you pay less interest and finish your mortgage faster whilst still having access to your savings. However you will not receive interest on your savings or current account balance.
Offset Mortgages 4.00% variable. Overall cost for comparison is 4.2%APR. Product fee £499. Minimum deposit 20%.

Whatever your circumstances and priorities, we have a range of mortgages to choose from to suit your individual needs.

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