NatWest Plan Ahead

Share your end of life plans with Plan Ahead

Let your loved ones know your wishes

Do your loved ones know what you'd want to happen if you became ill or died? Do they know who you bank with, whether you’ve got life insurance or where to find your will?

Plan Ahead is designed for NatWest customers living in England and Wales, aged 18 and over, who are registered for Online Banking and have a valid UK mobile number.

What is Plan Ahead?

Plan Ahead is a free, online tool that can help you record, store and share important documents like a will or policies such as pensions or life insurance.

Help your loved ones navigate challenging times when you can no longer manage your financial affairs

Discover how you can prepare for unforeseen health or life situations by thinking about your future healthcare wishes

Find out what protections you can put in place for the future

Why choose Plan Ahead?

By creating and sharing your plans, you can help the people you love make sure they have the information they’ll need in a difficult time.

It’s easy to record and securely store and share key documents such as your will with your family

You can nominate important people in your life, like family or an executor, for Key Person Access

Once set up, you can update your plan as life changes, at any time

If you have already registered for Plan Ahead you can log in here.

What can I make, store and share in Plan Ahead?

Ready to register for Plan Ahead?

First, we just need to find out whether you're already registered for Online Banking.

Are you registered for Online Banking?

How to get started

You'll be taken to our dedicated Plan Ahead website to get registered.

You need to register for Online Banking to continue

Getting set up should only take a few steps.

Online Banking available to customers aged 11+ with a NatWest account.

Help with common questions

Already registered with Plan Ahead?

If you’re already a NatWest Plan Ahead customer, you can update your plan to reflect any changes in your life.

How does key person access work?

Do you want to access a Plan Ahead plan that was shared with you? Check your email for an invitation from NatWest Plan Ahead and follow these steps:

  1. 01

    Select the link in your invitation email

  2. 02

    Enter your email address and mobile number

  3. 03

    You'll be asked to give the one time passcode we'll send to your mobile phone by SMS

  4. 04

    You'll then be taken to the plan that has been shared with you

Anything else we can help you with?