Split bills, not hairs

Coming in 2021

What is Housemate?

Having to share your space with friends - or even random strangers - is normal when you're renting. So our new app, Housemate, is here to help smooth out some of the problems that might crop up.


If you have a UK bank account, Housemate can help make payments easier using Open Banking and even help you plan for the future by recognising your rent payments to build your credit history.

We're here for every housemate

For the one who likes to keep on top of things

Open Banking lets you connect most UK bank accounts to our new app

For the one who needs to write everything down

Keep on top of things with automated reminders and easy expense settling

For the one who usually sorts out ‘who’s paying what’

Make splitting shared bills a piece of cake and avoid any disagreements

For the one who plans for the future

Get recognition for your rent payments and build your credit history

Be one of the first

We want you to be one of the first to try our new app. Simply register your interest by clicking below and we’ll let you know when Housemate is ready to download.

Important documents to read

Please take some time to review the Housemate Pilot privacy notice and terms & conditions.

Housemate pilot privacy notice

Your right to privacy and online security is important. This privacy notice applies to all personal information processing activities carried out by the NatWest Housemate App.

Housemate pilot terms & conditions

By taking part in this pilot you’re agreeing to be bound by these terms, together with our Privacy Policy, so it’s important that you read them before you accept them.

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