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Planning for a baby?

Read Laura & Sarah’s advice and tips about preparing

Preparing for your new arrival

Sarah is a mum-of-one who blogs about parenthood and fashion on her lifestyle blog Knott Bump and Us. Find out her tips for budgeting for her baby and use our Budget Calculator to help you set up a new budget.

Work out a budget to prepare for your baby's arrival
Budget for essentials like a cot, sleeping bag or blankets
Make sure you understand your maternity or paternity pay and also what benefits you're entitled to
Remember things like nail clippers, a thermometer, cotton balls and lots of muslin cloths!
Claim your free 'Pregnancy Information' and 'Mum-to-be' bounty packs for great advice on pregnancy, medical information and discounts
Budget enough for a push chair and a car seat - make sure you buy them in plenty time before the baby arrives!
If you're planning to breastfeed, leave some budget for a nursing bra and pads. It can also be good to buy bottles too if you want a little break
When the little one arrives...
Claim your free 'Newborn' Bounty pack to guide you through the first few months of parenthood as well as money-off vouchers and samples
Look out for Baby & Toddler events - you can pick up all sorts of baby products at a discounted price
Buy nappies and wipes in bulk to save money - you can do this through subscriptions on sites like Amazon
Sign up to baby clubs at different retailers - they're easy to find online and give discount vouchers and freebies

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