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Money saving travel tips

When it comes to travelling across the UK, there are a number of ways of saving money. However, the most cost-effective methods are usually the most difficult to find. Whether it is visiting a lost love at the other end of the country, old friends in a different city or just going home to spend time with the parents, there is always a great reason to travel.

Since nobody wants to spend a huge chunk of their student loan on train and bus fares, here are some top tips to saving money when you travel.

Travel by rail

Split your tickets

Ticket splitting means breaking your journey up into different parts and buying the tickets separately, instead of for the whole trip.


Many search tools on travel booking websites will look at getting you to your destination with one ticket, and in one journey. What's been found is that by splitting your ticket by booking a train ticket to an intermediary station and then a different ticket from there to your destination often works out far cheaper than the cost of a conventional ticket.


Split ticketing works in exactly the same way as ordinary train tickets work on the National Rail network and you are still eligible for discounts when booking train tickets with a railcard.


Slightly different to splitting your tickets, some return journeys can sometimes work out cheaper by purchasing two single tickets rather than a return ticket. Make sure you check all the variations on your journey before plumping for a more expensive return ticket.


Get a railcard

The 16-25 railcard can save you upto 1/3 off Standard Anytime, Off-Peak, Standard Advanced and First Class Advanced fares. Costing just £30 for the year, it is a great way of saving money when travelling.


The 12 week rule

Booking a train ticket well in advance of you departure date can work out to be far cheaper than on the actual day of travel. The tickets are usually released 12 weeks before the travel date so if your your travel plans are set in stone, you'll be able to take advantage of large discounts. However because they are so cheap, it is important to note that they are also inflexible. The ticket will only be eligble for use for the train and time specified.



Travelling at peak commuter times is obviously going to be far more expensive than first thing in the morning or late at night. Although these journeys are in les sociable hours, they are usually less busy which means you can do some course work or rest on a long journey.


Travel by bus

Young Persons Coachcard

As a choice of three offers, when you sign up to a NatWest student account and sign up for online banking, you can take advantage of a free National Express Young Persons Coachcard.




  • 1/3 off fares, ideal for visiting friends and family
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Be flexible

As with train fares, you'll find coach fares far cheaper if you're willing to travel at a less desirable time. Similarly, missing out on peak-time traffic can almost be a blessing as you escape the horrors of rush hour traffic.


Look out for deals

Every now and then, companies such as Megabus give away free tickets.

You can sometimes get tickets for as little as 99p!



Travel by car

Car sharing

Car sharing has really taken off online in recent years and are a great way of saving money. Websites such as BlaBlaCar help find people who are making the same journey as you and connect drivers and passengers.


As a passenger, you can save 79 per cent of what you would spend on an off-peak single rail ticket while, as a driver, you make back a third of your fuel for every passenger you take with you.


Safety is obviously paramount so you should take all necessary precautions before setting off. Drivers and passengers select travel companions based on their profiles, which include their preferences and past ratings, so you can make informed decisions about who you’re going to be travelling with.


Car share with friends

If you regularly make a journey back from university you can offset some of the cost by taking a friend along with you. You can split the fuel costs and it also gives you company on the way.


Parking costs

Large city centre car parks can charge extortionate prices, and off street parkng in patrolled areas can be very risky. offers a service where regular people rent out their driveway for a fraction of a multi-story car park. You need to book in advance but in big cities and close to major venues you'll find a wide variety of options.



Travel by foot

Walking is not only a healthy pursuit, but is also free.


Plan your journey in advance, allow for plenty of time, and enjoy the walk.  

Benefit from a 1/3 off coach travel for 4 years

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 Valid for 4 years

Specific account eligibility criteria applies.

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