Struggling financially

Gambling block

Worried about gambling? We're here to help

If you’re worried about how much you're spending on gambling, then there is lots of support out there to help you. Including us. Our hugely experienced team help people with their financial difficulties every day, and some of them are specifically trained in dealing with addictions including gambling.

Taking back control of your credit card

If you use your credit card to gamble then it’s important you know what that means for your money.

First of all, you are charged at the same interest rate as you would be for cash withdrawals (which is different to other online transactions). Plus, only the amount withdrawn can be paid back onto the card - so if you win money, you can’t use it to reduce your card balance.

If you want to reduce or stop your gambling on your credit card, you can lock your card so it can’t be used on gambling websites.

How it works

Setting up the gambling block couldn't be simpler. Follow these three easy steps and you're good to go.

  1. 01

    Within the mobile app, choose your account and select 'Manage my card' from the list of options.

    Download the app to use gambling block

    App available to customers with Online Banking using compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.
  2. 02

    Select 'Lock card settings' from the options on the screen.

  3. 03

    Then hit the ‘Gambling transactions’ toggle to turn it off.

Transactions made by you and any additional cardholders will be stopped. We’ll send you a notification that your card has been locked for gambling websites.

Have a look at our FAQs below on the gambling block for more information on how it works or visit our Support Centre.

Frequently asked questions

Who else can help?

There are a number of different organisations who can support you if you want to change your gambling behaviour.


GamCare operates the National Gambling Helpline. They're the leading national provider of free information, advice and support for anyone affected by gambling problems as well as their families.

You can call the helpline free on 0808 8020 1333.


Gamstop is UK’s National Online self-exclusion scheme which enables you to bar gambling sites that you have previously signed up for. At the moment, it includes a number of gambling sites, but soon all gambling websites will have to join.

Helping yourself with self-exclusion

If you’ve decided you want to cut down or stop gambling, you can ask to be ‘self-excluded’. All licensed gambling businesses - arcades, betting shops, bingo halls, casinos and online betting sites - have their own arrangements to help those who decide to self-exclude.

You can arrange your self-exclusion with individual companies by talking to staff at their venues, or by visiting their websites (usually in a ‘Responsible gambling’ or ‘Help’ sections).

To self-exclude from more than one bookmaker in your area, call the self-exclusion helpline on 0800 294 2060.

Gamstop also provides a free service that lets you self-exclude from multiple websites.

You can also buy software that blocks gambling sites on all your devices. There are a few different ones to choose from, so it’s best to do a bit of research to see what features and price suits you best.

Download the app

Get started with downloading the app to your device now. Start by selecting your device type.

Download the app

Get started with downloading the app to your device now. Start by selecting your device type.

Download the app

Get started with downloading the app to your device now. Start by selecting your device type.

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