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Managing your money

Looking to reduce your spending, better understand your borrowing options, or review your financial goals? Our guides to managing your money could help you make sense of your money.


Get all the latest information on how we can help if our travel plans have changed, as well as help on how to manage your money while you're away. 

Travel money 

Spending abroad

Your Home

Difficult Times

Struggling Financially

If your debt feels like a burden or you’re worried about spending more than you earn, we're here to help you get back on track.


We know coping with bereavement isn't easy, so we’re here to help make the financial side of things as easy as possible.

Financial difficulty

We understand that worrying about paying your mortgage can be stressful. Whether you’ve already missed a payment or think you won't be able to make any future payments.

Life and Family

Download the app

You could move your money in 20 seconds, pay people in 60 seconds, and bank anywhere 24/7. Stay on top of your money with the app.

Download the app

On average it takes less than 5 minutes to download and start using our mobile app. Get started by tapping the logo below.

Download the app

On average it takes less than 5 minutes to download and start using our mobile app. Get started by tapping the logo below.

Why you'll love the mobile banking app

What's new?

Discover what your app can do for you

We update our mobile app regularly with the latest tools to keep your banking easy and secure. Stay on top of what's new by using the 'Help' menu.

Get closer to where your money goes

Spending money is easy, and so is keeping an eye on it with our newest budget tool in your mobile banking app.

Make it personal

Only you can log in with fingerprint and facial recognition

Log in quickly and securely without needing to remember a passcode.

Make your banking app unique

Create your own personal greeting, account nicknames and adjust how your accounts show on the home screen.

Secure payments

Pay someone new up to £750 without a card reader

On average it takes less than 1 minute to pay someone for the first time using the banking app.

Pay saved payees

As long as you have saved the details anyone you paid using Online Banking or the app will be there to pay again.

Easy transfers and manage reoccurring payments

Stay in control with instant transfers between accounts and create, amend or cancel standing orders and Direct Debits.

Smarter banking

Instantly freeze and unfreeze misplaced cards

Misplaced your debit or credit card? Instantly lock your card with the app and stop it being used until it's found.

Withdraw cash from ATMs using a phone, not a card

Get Cash lets you withdraw up to £130 a day from an ATM using your NatWest app, not your debit card.

Add accounts from other banks

See selected accounts with other participating UK banks in your NatWest app. No need to login to multiple different apps.

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