Investment Funds

For income, growth, or a bit of both

Investment Funds

The Investment Funds are not available to new investors. These funds are a result of a merger with Expert Managed Solutions which took place on the 17th May 2019 following shareholder approval. Investment Funds offers;

A easy way of investing in a wide range of stocks, shares and other assets

A choice of six funds

The ability to aim for income, growth or a mix of both. 


The funds

  • Managed Defensive Fund
  • Managed Equity Growth Fund
  • Managed Growth Fund
  • Managed Income Fund
  • Global Bond Fund
  • UK Equity Fund

Who were they for?

  • Investors with little or no experience of investing in collective investment schemes and basic or no knowledge of the characteristics and risks of investing in equities and bonds (capital markets).

Quick fund facts

  • Originally launched February 1995 and then relaunched 17th May 2019 after a merger with Expert Managed Solutions
  • Currency: GBP
  • Minimum investment: £250 or more or alternatively commit to £50 monthly investment
  • Minimum Holding: £500 per fund you are invested in
  • Management Company: RBS Collective Investment Funds Limited

Cost and charges FAQS

Regulations require us to provide you with a breakdown of the actual costs and charges incurred on your investments for the previous year.

The charges shown in the SID are designed to provide an estimate of the total costs and charges associated with a product or service to enable you to make an informed decision prior to making an investment. These are calculated based on previous costs but allowing for any changes that will influence future costs.

The actual costs are broken down into the following categories:

  • One-off Charges: all costs and charges paid when investing in or exiting from the fund(s). For RBSCIFL Funds there are no one-off charges so these will always be zero.
  • On-going Charges: these include the charges for the management of the fund(s) including investment management, and are allowed for in the daily price of the fund(s).
  • Transaction Charges: all costs and charges incurred on transactions in respect of the underlying assets of the fund. These reflect the buying and selling of assets within the fund and the dealing and other costs involved in doing this.

The table in your statement shows you the overall costs, and how these will impact on the value of your investment. This also shows you the impact of costs on a percentage basis of the amounts invested.

It is important to note that past performance for the funds is reported on a net basis, so after all costs and charges have been applied. 


Fund Performance

Currently there are no prices to display. These funds are awaiting initial prices. Once prices are live you will be able to find out more about each individual fund.
Past fund performance is not an indication of future returns and should not be relied on as such.

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