Key Customer Documents

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Key Customer Documents

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Previous 1% Cashback Offer important documents

Cashback Offer & ISA Transfer Offer Terms

(Offer period: 23rd October 2017 - 5th April 2018)

Cashback Offer & ISA Transfer Offer Terms

(Offer period: 6th April 2018 - 30th April 2018)

ISA Refund Table


Icon expand Autopilot Strategy


Autopilot Strategy - May 2017

Autopilot Strategy - April 2017

Autopilot Strategy - March 2017

Autopilot Strategy - February 2017

Autopilot Strategy - January 2017


Autopilot Strategy - December 2016

Autopilot Strategy - November 2016

Autopilot Strategy - October 2016

Autopilot Strategy - September 2016

Autopilot Strategy - August 2016

Autopilot Strategy - July 2016

Autopilot Strategy - June 2016

Autopilot Strategy - May 2016

Autopilot Strategy - April 2016

Autopilot Strategy - March 2016

Autopilot Strategy - February 2016

Autopilot Strategy - January 2016


Autopilot Strategy - December 2015

Autopilot Strategy - November 2015

Autopilot Strategy - October 2015

Autopilot Strategy - September 2015

Autopilot Strategy - August 2015

Autopilot Strategy - July 2015

Autopilot Strategy - June 2015

Autopilot Strategy - May 2015

Autopilot Strategy - April 2015

Autopilot Strategy - March 2015

Autopilot Strategy - February 2015

Autopilot Strategy - January 2015


Autopilot Strategy - December 2014

Autopilot Strategy - November 2014

Autopilot Strategy - October 2014

Autopilot Strategy - September 2014

Autopilot Strategy - August 2015

Autopilot Strategy - July 2014

Autopilot Strategy - June 2014

Autopilot Strategy - May 2014

Autopilot Strategy - April 2014

Autopilot Strategy - March 2014

Autopilot Strategy - February 2014

Autopilot Strategy - January 2014


Autopilot Strategy - December 2013

Autopilot Strategy - October 2013

Autopilot Strategy - September 2013

Autopilot Strategy - August 2013

Autopilot Strategy - July 2013

Autopilot Strategy - June 2013

Autopilot Strategy - May 2013

Autopilot Strategy - April 2013

Autopilot Strategy - March 2013

Autopilot Strategy - February 2013


Icon expand Your Portfolio

Your Porfolio Fund II Key Investor Information Document 

Your Portfolio Fund III Key Investor Information Document 

Your Portfolio Fund IV Key Investor Information Document

Your Portfolio Fund V Key Investor Information Document 

Your Portfolio Fund VI Key Investor Information Document 


Report and Accounts

Investment Options Annual Report

Investment Options Interim Accounts



Investment Options Prospectus


Circular, Voting Forms and Covering Letter


Result of Merger Vote


Merger Circular

Covering Letter to Circular

Proxy Form - Your Portfolio Fund II

Proxy Form - Your Portfolio Fund III

Proxy Form - Your Portfolio Fund IV

Proxy Form - Your Portfolio Fund V

Proxy Form - Your Portfolio Fund VI


Other Fund Merger Documents

Documents referred to in Appendix 5 of the circular are available for inspection

Citibank Consent Letter re. Circular - 9 June 2017 inc. Circular

JPME Depositary YPF merger Consents & Clearances 050617

KPMG Consent Letter re. Circular - 9 June 2017

RBS Consent Letter from EY 050617

Signed Undertaking - Omnibus (RBSCIFL) with Circular Appended

SLI(MF) - Omnibus Undertaking - 9 June 2017

SLI(MF) - Letter re. Allotment of Shares - 9 June 2017

RBS investment Options ICVC – R21 FCA Approval Letter

Standard Life Investment Company III - R21 Approval Letter CIS7478 2017

HMRC Tax Clearance Letter

SDRT and Stamp Duty from HMRC Merger Letter

RBS investment Options YE 311016 Signed Accounts

RBS Investment Options ICVC Instrument 01 September 2015

RBS Investment Options ICVC Prospectus 31 October 2016

Standard Life Invesment Company III - Instrument - 10 January 2017

Standard Life investment Company III - Prospectus - 12 June 2017

2017-02-17_YPII Class 1_KIID_GB00B8F0XY57

2017-02-17_YPII Class 2_KIID_GB00B899PR53

2017-02-17_YPIII Class 1_KIID_GB00B8P3ZH11

2017-02-17_YPIII Class 2_KIID_GB00B8HPyF64

2017-02-17_YPIV Class 1_KIID_GB00B8P40J12

2017-02-17_YPIV Class 2_KIID_GB00B85PJK83

2017-02-17_YPV Class 1_KIID_GB00B8P41Z45

2017-02-17_YPV Class 2_KIID_GB00B8215907

2017-02-17_YPVI Class 1_KIID_GB00B8P44111

2017-02-17_YPVI Class 2_KIID_GB00B7V5G043

NURS-KII MyFolio Managed I Fund

NURS-KII MyFolio Managed II Fund

NURS-KII MyFolio Managed III Fund

NURS-KII MyFolio Managed IV Fund

NURS-KII MyFolio Managed V Fund

COLL Sourcebook

OEIC Regulations 2001_uksi_20011228


Icon expand Junior ISA

The Junior ISA Information Document


  • Key Facts about our services and costs
  • Supplementary Information Document
  • Junior ISA Terms and Conditions

Junior ISA Key Investor Information Document

Junior ISA Additional Payment Form

Child Trust fund to Junior ISA Transfer Form

Please send your completed Child Trust to Junior ISA Transfer Form to: Natwest JISA, PO Box 1188, Cheltenham, GL50 9UE


Stakeholder Investment Fund Prospectus


Report and Accounts

RBS Stakeholder Report and Accounts 


Icon expand Child Trust Fund


Icon expand RBS Collective Investment Funds Ltd Policies

RBS Collective Investment Funds Limited is required to make available to customers policies that are contained within the fund prospectuses, which cover specific aspects of how we manage the funds.

Voting Rights Policy 

Market Timing Policy

Best Execution Policy 

Conflicts of Interest Policy 

RBSCIFL General Risk Management Policy 


RBSCIFL Risk Policy – Aviva Investors Global Solutions Limited

RBSCIFL Remuneration Policy



Order Execution Policy

The Order Execution Policy applies to the Personal Portfolio Funds, Coutts Multi-Asset Funds, Discretionary Portfolio Investment Service and NatWest Self Select ISA.



Icon expand Order Execution Policy


Order Execution Policy

As set out in our Order Execution Policy, we use our affiliate company Coutts & Co to execute orders. 
Please read the 2017 Coutts’ Order Execution Report, it sets out the brokers that they have used and the results achieved. 
Our objective in using our affiliate in this way is to benefit from a Centre of Expertise within the group and an established external broker framework.  We have an established ongoing process to oversee and monitor Coutts’ implementation of the Order Execution Policy.  Our conclusion for the year is that Coutts has met its Best Execution obligations for all customers.



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