Proof of identity and address

What you need to open your bank account

Proving your identity online

We want to get your account up and running as quick as possible, so, if we can, we'll ask you to upload your documents.

During your online application we'll ask you to provide some documents so we can check you are who you say you are.

Depending on what ID we need to see, we ask you for;

  • A selfie
  • Photo ID, such as Drivers licence, Passport or EU ID card
  • We might also need to see a proof of address, such as a Utility bill, Bank statement or Tax document

To make this as easy as possible make sure the documents you're using match the information you've entered in your application.

If you don't have your documents with you, you can select to do this later. Once you've finished your application look out for an email and text from us and our security partners, HooYu or DigiDocs

Documents we accept in branch

Don't worry if you haven't got the documents for online ID, we accept others when you open your account in one of our branches. You'll need one item to confirm your identity and another document that we can accept as proof of your address.



Looking to open a savings account?

If you want to open one of our Instant Access savings accounts, you must be a current account customer. If you want to open one of our Fixed Term accounts, or ISA's, you'll need to provide proof of ID and address. 

New to the UK?

If you're new to the UK or are arriving soon, you'll need to know your new UK address before applying, and enter this during your application. 

Once you've applied, we'll ask you for proof of identity and proof of your UK address, which we'll need to verify before we open your account.

If you're coming to the UK to study take a look at our International student account, specific eligibility criteria applies. 

Why do banks ask for proof of ID and address?

It's important that banks work hard on processes that help prevent money laundering. This is when criminals try to disguise money that has been made illegally, to use it for their own future purposes.

To do this, criminals often attempt to open a bank account using fake or stolen ID. We try to stop this by verifying all of our new customers as genuine, by asking for proof of identity and often current address.

If you are applying online, we try our best to complete this electronically, using our security partners Digidocs or HooYu, so the process is as easy as possible for you. This is why we ask you to have your ID at hand before you begin your application.

Something else we can help you with?