Coronavirus Support

How we're helping our overdraft customers through the Coronavirus pandemic

There are two ways we're helping customers who use an overdraft during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Overdraft interest staying at current rates

From Monday 30th March until 14th July, all of our Personal Banking customers using their overdraft will pay less as we’re keeping overdraft interest at their current rates.

Most customers will pay Representative 19.89% APR (variable) for that period, rather than our standard rate of Representative 39.49% APR (variable). Black and Reward Black customers will remain at Representative 14.89% APR (variable), rather than moving to Representative 19.49% APR (variable). Please note, this isn’t a change to your overdraft terms & conditions.

There also won’t be any other fees or charges in addition to the above interest rates. 

To find out more about our Overdraft charges after 14th July, please use our cost calculator.

Request £500 interest-free on your existing overdraft

If you are financially impacted by coronavirus, we are here to help. You can request £500 interest free on your existing arranged overdraft (or up to your existing arranged overdraft limit if lower than £500).  

This is a temporary measure and will be interest free from application date for three months.

Please remember that after the three months ends, we will start to charge interest on the full balance . 

FAQs - interest staying at current rates

FAQs - £500 interest-free on current overdraft

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