Existing Credit Card Customers

Instalment Plans

What is an Instalment Plan?

An Instalment Plan allows you to pay off an eligible purchase over a term which best suits your needs. This can be between 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months.

You will not pay interest on any balance that is on a plan but you will pay a set monthly fee over the selected term. You will pay the same amount each month for the duration of the plan.

  • The monthly amount and the monthly fee for the plan will vary dependant on the purchase amount and term of the plan.
  • You can set up, track and manage your plan in the Mobile App.
  • It’s a simple way to make regular payments against individual larger eligible purchases that you don’t want to pay off in one go.
  • An Instalment Plan is part of your existing credit limit and it does not free up additional funds when a purchase is moved to an Instalment Plan.

What are the eligibility requirements for this offer?

There’s a few points we take into consideration to ensure you are eligible for this offer: 

  • You must be an existing credit card customer with NatWest.
  • The type of credit card you currently have with us.
  • Which ever Instalment Plan option you choose will be part of your existing credit card limit.
  • Your Annual Percentage rate. The Instalment Plan should be lower than your usual repayment interest on your card. 
  • You cannot have a cash balance on your credit card account.
  • How you manage your finances and maintain your account.
  • You must have the NatWest mobile app to set up an Instalment plan, as plans can only be set up via our Mobile App.


Please note: Your transaction needs to be either on your latest statement or applied to your account since your last statement was produced.



What else can we help you with?

Calculate how much you could save

Below shows you a comparison of what you could save if you repaid using an Instalment Plan vs Non Instalment over a 12 month period using example prices.

Ready to set up a plan?

To get started and set up, log into your mobile app and select your credit card. From there, you can view any purchases that are eligible to pay via an Instalment Plan and then view your plan options.

How to set up, check and cancel Instalment Plans on the NatWest app

Instalment Plans can be set up only through our mobile app, and only if you are eligible for this offer.


If you have received correspondence from us about this offer, but do not have our mobile app learn how to set up mobile banking. More price examples are also available.


Something else we can help you with?