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Coronavirus credit card support

It's important that you make at least your minimum monthly payment on time to avoid affecting your ability to get credit in the future. If you are finding it difficult to pay your monthly credit card payments as a result of coronavirus, then remember that you can reduce payments to the minimum amount.


Payments and direct debits

If you have a direct debit set up for your monthly payments, you can cancel that via the mobile app or through Online Banking. You can still make one off payments every month to ensure you pay at least your minimum  monthly payment.

Paying your minimum monthly payment can help you reduce your costs in the short term, however it means that it would take longer to pay off your credit card debt. If you are able to pay more than the minimum monthly payment you could clear your balance sooner and prevent interest from building up.


Credit card payment break

If you still feel that you cannot pay the minimum, then we could provide a credit card payment break without impacting your credit score. This would mean for 3 months, you will only pay £1 per month. Interest will still be applied during this time so your minimum payment may be higher than usual once the payment break ends. If you have an instalment plan setup, this will be cancelled and your remaining balance will be added to your overall credit card balance.

To apply, log into our mobile app, simply tap 'Help' at the bottom of the screen followed by 'Message us' and quote 'coronavirus credit card' in your message. 

Find out more about how much a payment break could cost. See our illustrative examples.

Credit card payment break FAQs

Credit card management made easy


Paying with direct debit

Direct Debit makes paying off your credit card easy and convenient. Just set up the payment and you’ll automatically pay off your credit card bill each month.

One off payments

Making one off payments is easy. You can do it yourself and you’ve got a few options to choose from when it comes to paying your credit card.

Fees & Charges

Manage your credit card fees and charges

A credit card has many benefits - but to get the most from it, you need to be organised with your monthly payments otherwise you could end up paying fees and charges.


Checking your balance and available credit

You can check your credit card balance and available credit whenever and wherever you like. Just use the Mobile App or Online Banking to get an up to date view of your spending.

Review your PDF statement transactions

You can check, save and print up to 7 years’ worth of your credit card PDF statement transactions at your own convenience securely with Online Banking.

Check your transactions

Check what transactions you've made on your credit card and search through up to the last 4 months of your spending with Online Banking or via the Mobile App.

Credit card payment disputes

If you’ve not received the goods or services you’ve paid for by credit card, the first step in making a claim is speaking to the retailer to see if they can resolve. If the payment was made through PayPal, please refer to their Disputes team for details on how to resolve.

Plan ahead to repay your balance

Credit card repayment calculator

Find out how much faster you could clear your existing credit card balance by fixing your payments, instead of paying the minimum amount.

Time for a change?

If you're looking for a credit card that matches your lifestyle and spending habits, you might want to consider looking at the features of our other credit cards.

You can see our range of credit cards by following the 'compare our credit cards' link below.

A second credit card could help you manage your spending

Keep balances separate by using a second credit card for a specific purchase, event or type of spending.

It's important to remember that a second credit card will mean you could have two balances to pay off every month, including accrued interest. There may also be two annual fees to pay, if you choose a card with an annual fee.

Eligibility applies. You cannot open a second credit card of the same type as your current card.

Ways of managing your credit card

5 reasons to download our app

  • If you have misplaced your card, you can lock and unlock it on the app
  • Take control of your spend by locking/ unlocking certain transaction types or setting a daily/ monthly budget.
  • Set up a direct debit, pay your credit card or view your last 3 years statements.
  • Request a pin reminder or unblock your pin
  • Register your travel plans

Manage your credit card simply and safely with Online Banking

  • Set up and manage regular payments, including paying your credit card
  • View your balance and transactions
  • Register your travel plans
  • Adjust your credit limit
  • View up to 7 years of credit card statements


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