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What is a card reader and how do I use one?

What is a card reader?

A card reader is a security device needed by all customers looking to get the most out of Online Banking.  It works with your Online Banking service to provide an extra layer of protection against online fraud.

When you register for Online Banking a card reader will automatically be sent to you and should arrive within 7 working days.

When you'll need a card reader

You may sometimes need your card reader when logging into Online Banking and will also need it to complete certain tasks, such as:

  • Making a payment for the first time online
  • Creating or amending a payee, including changing the payment reference
  • Changing personal details, like your mobile number, email address or PIN and password

It’s really important to remember we’ll never contact you and ask you to share your card reader details with us over the phone. 

Everyday banking without a card reader

If you don't have a card reader, you can still make payments and manage regular payments with the mobile app anytime, anywhere.
When paying someone new using the mobile app, there is a limit of 5 payments totalling £1,000 per day. When paying an existing international payee, there is a limit of £10,000 per day. You must be aged 16 or over.

Setting up a card reader

How to use a card reader

  1. 01

    Insert your card into the reader making sure the card number matches the one shown on Online Banking

  2. 02

    On the card reader, when asked to 'Select Function', press the button with the up and down arrows

  3. 03

    When prompted, enter your card's PIN and press the 'OK' button 

  4. 04

    In the card-reader, enter the number displayed by Online Banking and press the 'OK' button

  5. 05

    In Online Banking enter the passcode number shown by the card reader

How to order a card reader

Should you need to order a replacement card reader this can be done through Online Banking, please allow up to 7 working days for the card reader to reach you.

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