Accessibility services to help with your day to day banking

Help with your day to day banking

We're always looking to improve our services to help our customers with their day to day banking. You can find a range of information and details of the different accessibility options we provide below.

How we can help


In branch

We're working to make our branches easier to access for everyone.

Cash machines

We've added features to our cash machines to make them easier to use, with more on the way.


If you have any visual impairments, we provide several services free of charge, when it comes to our correspondence.

Using our website

We're always working to make our website more accessible. And, we have a number of features that can help with using it.

Accessible debit card

Braille card wallet

We can provide a braille card wallet to help you identify your card.


In our branches

There are a range of services offered in our branches which can help with your visit and banking needs.

Minicom and text relay

If you need to make use of minicom or text relay services, we can help out

Sign video for British Sign Language users

SignVideo provides on demand interpretation to enable British Sign Language users to have access to telephone banking services.


Improving our branch access

92% of our branches currently have wheelchair access. We're working with the national spinal cord injury charity Back Up to make further improvements to all of our new and refurbished branches.

Working with Back Up

Back Up is a national charity helping people affected by spinal cord injury – they offer wheelchair skills training, peer mentoring, activity courses and support getting back to school or work


Options in branch

To help out in branch, there's a range of options available which can help with your day to day banking

Dexterity on our website

We're actively working to make our website easier to use all the time.


Other ways to assist you

There are many ways to bank with us that offer support to customers who need assistance with disability and accessibility.

Community Bankers

Our Community Bankers bring the bank to local communities, offering customers face to face assistance and support.

Mobile branches

Our mobile branch service allows you to do all your usual everyday banking, like making deposits, withdrawing cash and paying bills.

Improving with help from RNIB

We're working with the Royal National Institute of Blind People to become even more accessible too.

The RNIB have been of huge help so far, helping us with our accessible debit card offering.

We're also working with them across a number of other areas and are seeking their guidance around upcoming changes to our website, along with getting their help when it comes to testing new pages on our website.

Smartphone accessibility functions

We've created a range of videos to help you with the accessibility functions on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Accessibility shortcut on your phone

This video provides a range of short and simple steps to use the accessibility features on your mobile.

Enlarge text on your mobile phone

If you're not sure how to adjust the text size on your mobile phone, this video can help you out.

Change your phone display

Our short video talks through some steps that can help make your mobile display easier to see in a number of different ways.


Our accessible debit card

It's been specially designed to be easier to use if you're blind or partially sighted. Developed with and accredited by the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

The card has several features:

  • A series of raised dots so you'll know whether the card is a debit or savings card.

  • A carved out notch on the side of the card, so you can work out which way to insert your card into a cash machine or card reader.

  • On the back of the card, telephone numbers have been increased in size by 50%.