Planning a Break


Planning a break?

Let us help you have a cracking one!

Travelling abroad this Easter? Your current account could help make travel less stressful

We offer a range of current accounts and our Select Silver, Select Platinum and Black Accounts all come with added extras, including travel benefits, for a monthly fee.

So before you travel, it's worth checking to see whether one of these accounts suits you and if you can avoid additional costs by utilising the account benefits. And don't worry, it's easy to switch between accounts if you think that a different account would work better for you.




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Before you go.. Remember to let us know you'll be using your card abroad

If you plan to use your debit card abroad, it is best to let us know at least 24 hours in advance.  This means that our monitoring systems will know that you will be using your card abroad and will significantly reduce the likelihood of your transactions being blocked.

To do this, log into your Online Banking and find 'Using your card abroad' in the 'Our Products' menu on the right hand side of the page and enter the details of your trip.


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Travel Money Using cash abroad is easy

The last thing you need when you're abroad is to have to think about where you're going to get your local currency.

With the NatWest travel money service, you get the benefits of:

    -  0% Commission on all foreign currencies

    -  Delivery to your home or a branch of your choice within the UK

    -  Payment from any UK credit or debit card


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Before you go.. Let us know you'll be abroad
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