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Setting up Google Pay

In a nutshell

Google Pay is a secure payment app for Android devices. You can use it to pay for things in shops, online or in apps. In shops, you use it as you would your contactless debit or credit card. 

What you'll need


Your Android device

Google Pay on your device

Your step by-step guide:

To set up Google Pay, you need to add your eligible cards to the Google Pay app on your Android device.

To add a card:

  1. 01

    Open the Google Pay app on your device. You may need to download it from the Google Play Store

  2. 02

    Select '+' to add your card and billing address details

  3. 03

    Read and accept the terms and conditions

  4. 04

    Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your card

  5. 05

    Wahoo, you're done. Once your card is verified, you are ready to use Google Pay

If you want to add multiple cards in Google Pay, you will need to add each one separately.

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