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Setting up a Direct Debit

In a nutshell

Gather around, this first bit is super-important…

A Direct Debit is an agreement between you and the organisation you're paying, which allows the organisation you want to pay to collect varying amounts from your account – but only if you've been given advanced notice of the amounts and dates of collection.

So to summarise, a Direct Debit is the simplest and most convenient way for you to pay regular and occasional bills.

What you'll need

Here are the things that the organisation you're paying will ask for. Have all this ready and you'll be in a strong place to get things finished quickly…

Your name and address

The name and address of your bank

Your bank account number

Your sort code

The name(s) on the bank account


Your step-by-step guide:

  1. 01

    Contact the organisation you want to set-up the Direct Debit with, they will then ask you to confirm your details by filling in a Direct Debit mandate. 

  2. 02

    Once you have completed the Direct Debit mandate you will need to sign it and return in to the organisation

  3. 03

    The organisation will then set up the Direct Debit with us

Please note: newly set up Direct Debits will only show in Online Banking once the first payment has been taken from your account.

After the first payment has been taken it will display on your statement, and you will be able to view it alongside any other existing Direct Debits.

Want to cancel a direct debit? Find out how to here

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