What you'll need


Your Online Banking login details

Your step-by-step guide:

If you need some help, you can ask to speak to one of our TechXperts. If none are available, another member of staff will be able to give you some support.

Remember: you can only order replacement card-readers from the branch. For security reasons the first card-reader you order must be done through your Online Banking.

  1. 01

    Head to one of our iPads if available in branch. From there you'll be able to log in to Online Banking

  2. 02

    Once you're in Online Banking, select 'Security' from the left-hand menu

  3. 03

    In the 'Using a card-reader' section, select 'Order a card-reader'

  4. 04

    Select a reason from the drop-down menu and hit 'Confirm'

  5. 05

    You're all done. The card-reader should be in the post