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Foreign draft

Foreign Drafts

Send money abroad using a
foreign draft

What is a foreign draft?

A foreign draft is another way to make an international payment through Online Banking or from a branch.

  • Foreign drafts are similar to bank drafts or domestic cheques. A foreign draft is guaranteed by the bank and can be issued in most currencies.**
  • Foreign drafts are less secure than a standard or urgent transfer and will take longer to reach the recipient.
  • Foreign transfers have varying fees depending on the amount being sent.

To create a foreign draft in Online Banking select 'Payments & transfers' go to International payments and click on 'Order draft'. This will then display all eligible countries and currencies the draft can be made out in. 

Creating a foreign draft

Foreign draft set up guide

How much can I send?
We can issue foreign drafts in a range of currencies, and for any amount.


Where can send money to?
Any country.**


When will it arrive?
Ordering a draft can be done a few days in advance using Online Banking or from a branch. To process the draft on the same day it must be created before 12:00 UK time. You should then allow 5 business days for the draft to reach you in the post.  You must then deliver your draft to the recipient.


What information do I need to make this payment? 
Recipient's name, the country that you are sending the money to and the currency of the payment.


What are the fees to make this payment?
There is a fee of £8 if the value of the draft is less than £101 or £20 if the value over £101.

*To sign up for Online Banking you need to have a NatWest account and be aged 11 or over.

**A full list of countries eligible to receive international payments and accepted currencies will be shown in your Online Banking options when creating a foreign draft.

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