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We've updated our mobile app

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Great news, we've updated our app

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App available to Online Banking customers with a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Latest mobile app updates

Unlock the features of your mobile app 

You can now unlock all of the features of your app, from paying someone using their sortcode and account number or updating your standing order.  Simply 'Unlock new features' within the 'My Profile' section.


You must be 16 and over.  Limits apply. 

Create your own savings goal, letting you plan ahead

Set up your own savings goal, and then track your progress each time you log into the app.  Whether you want to put a little away each month or pay in one off payments.  Helping you save for your future plans.

You can view your NatWest Invest account using your app

If you're an existing NatWest Invest customer, you can will be able to view your account by going into your app, selecting 'Apply' and 'Invest'.

Improved Loan application

It is now easier and quicker than ever to apply for a loan using your mobile app. We have streamlined the existing process and pre-filled parts of the application, making completion as quick and simple as possible. To start your application just tap ‘Apply’ at the bottom right corner of the app.


Manage your credit card

You now have the ability to disable various functions of your credit card in the app. You can choose to stop your credit card being used at:


  • Cashpoints
  • Contactless/Chip & PIN
  • Online
  • All of the above

To access this simply log into your app, select your credit card and you will see the list of functions you now have control over.  These can all be turned on or off at any time.


Paying your credit card

Never forget to make a payment to your NatWest credit card again. You can now use the app to set up a Direct Debit to pay your NatWest credit card monthly. You can set this up to pay the minimum, full balance or other fixed amount.

To set this up login into your app:


  • Select your credit card
  • touch ‘Pay my card’
  • ‘Set up a Direct Debit’
  • ‘Set Direct Debit’
  • Choose the account to make the payments from
  • Set the Direct debit amount

The first Direct Debit will be set to go when your next payment is due. You will also have the option to ‘Pay now’ should the Direct Debit not be set up in enough time before your next payment is due.

Keeping you safe

To help you stay safe when making new payments in your app we have introduced a safety message. Each time you make a new payment from your app you will be shown  a message asking if you are want to proceed. If you are happy to continue making the new payment simply tick the safety message.

Has your Debit card been Stolen?

No need to worry, through the app you can quickly and easily access the phone number you need to call to report your Debit card as stolen. To do this simply log into the app:


Select the account your Debit card was connected to:


  • Select ‘Manage my card’
  • ‘Report lost, stolen or damaged’
  • Then select ‘Lost’

This will then show you the best number to call to report a stolen Debit card cancel it and issue you with a new one.


Past updates to the app


Increased payment limits

Great news! You can now make even larger payments from your mobile app. When you need to make a payment to someone you can now send up to £500! And the best part is, you don’t need a card reader.

Payment limit £500 per day. You can make up to 5 smaller payments in a working day,  the sum of all payments cannot exceed £500 per day. To make larger payments up to £20k the payee must have been previously saved or payment made in Online Banking using the card reader.


More about mobile payment limits


View pending transactions

The ability to view your most recent transactions is here!

When viewing your transactions you will now see the most recent pending transaction highlighted at the top of your transactions list.

A pending transaction is an authorised transaction that is waiting to be processed. Once a pending transaction has cleared, it will appear below in your list of cleared transactions.


Edit future payments

For iPhone app users you can now make changes and amend any payments you have scheduled to leave your account on a future date (up to 120 days in the future).


Check payment limits

We have added the ability to view the payment limits for all payment types that you can make through your mobile app.

On iPhone you can now view all the payment limits under the payments hub by selecting ‘Payment limits’.


Manage future dated payments & transfers

It's now even easier to manage your payments via the app.

In addition to setting up payments and transfers to leave your account on a future date, you can now view and cancel these payments before they are due to leave, should your plans change.


Find out more about future dated payments


View & Share BIC and IBAN

Need to receive an international payment but can’t find your details?

You can now view or share your account details including BIC and IBAN as well as your sort code, account number, directly from your mobile app.


Send international payments straight from your app!

Do you need to send money outside the UK?

You can now send international payments with your mobile app in a few simple steps, without having to login to Online Banking or visit a branch:


  • Tap 'International payments' on your Account Summary screen
  • Choose an existing payee from your list
  • Enter an amount, select delivery payment speed and allocate fees
  • Check the details and when you're happy, confirm the payment
  • Payments must be made on Online Banking before you can pay through our app


Payment improvements

There are now more reasons than ever to make payments using your mobile app.

For new payments upto £500, you can now save the details without the need for a card-reader.

Never forget to make a payment again. You can now set a payment or transfer to leave your account at a later date (up to 4 months). You can now remove old payment details that you no longer need.


Card management

Order a replacement credit card

You can now order a replacement for a lost or damaged credit card (MasterCard) straight from your app.  Select your credit card, tap ‘Manage my card’, then tap ‘Report lost, stolen or damaged’.


Stay in control of your credit card spending

We have made it really easy to stay on top of your credit card (MasterCard) spending. We have introduced a fantastic and simple to use credit card spending budget feature. Simply select your credit card account within your app and you will now see ‘Spending budget’. Tap this button, turn on the spending budget and create your own personal credit card budget.

Your budget can be set daily or monthly and to an amount of your choice.


Replace a lost or stolen debit card

You can now order a replacement for a lost or damaged debit card straight from your app. Choose the account associated with the debit card you need replaced, select ‘Manage my card’ then ‘Report lost or damaged’.


Get a PIN reminder for your debit card

Forgotten the PIN number for your debit card? No problem. Just choose the account associated with the debit card you need the PIN reminder for. Select ‘PIN services’ and then ‘PIN reminder’.

A reminder of your PIN will then be sent to you by post.


Credit card improvements

We have made some great improvements, helping you to better manage your credit card.

You will now be able to:

  • We have made it even easier to manage your credit card through your app on Android devices
  • You can now block and unblock your PIN through the app and get PIN reminders posted out to you
  • View your most up to date balance quicker than ever
  • View an improved summary showing the payments made since your last statement and how much you still need to pay
  • Improved notifications to let you know if you’re approaching your credit limit
  • Lock and unlock your MasterCard credit card direct from your app with one swipe


Check your credit card statement on the go

If you have a NatWest MasterCard, you can now get your credit card statements through the mobile app.

Simply select your NatWest credit card, select ‘Statements’, then choose which month you want to see. You can access a PDF copy of your statements which you can view, print, save or choose to send as an attachment.


Manage your credit card limit

You can now manage your NatWest MasterCard credit limit through your app, giving you the option to apply for a credit limit increase or decrease on the go.

To request a change to your credit limit through the app, login and select your NatWest credit card, and choose the option to ‘Manage credit limit’.

From here you can request an increase or decrease in your card’s credit limit.

Please note changes to your credit card limit are subject to approval.


Help prevent your credit card being blocked while abroad

Going to be travelling abroad with your NatWest MasterCard credit card? You can now let us know about your upcoming trips before you go to help reduce the chance of your credit card transactions being blocked or flagged as suspicious when travelling abroad.


To submit your travel plans, login to the app and select your credit card, then choose ‘Going abroad’ and tap ‘Add Trip’.




Always open

Can’t make it to a branch? No problem, you can now apply for even more products wherever you are through the mobile app.


These include:

  • Savings accounts
  • Overdrafts
  • Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • If you’re using our iPhone App you can also now set up NatWest Invest by selecting the ‘Products’ option in the menu

Apply and open pre approved products through the app, if eligible on Android and Apple devices.


Business account updates

Store your receipts digitally

If you are a NatWest Premier or business account holder, you can now access our receipts management feature via your iPhone and Android app.


  • This feature enables you to photograph your receipts and automatically match them with transactions in your app
  • Take a picture of any receipt and digitise it in your app
  • Relevant details from the receipt are automatically picked up by the app including amount, date and merchant name
  • Your app can create a receipts list allowing you to easily and quickly review your outgoings
  • You can export your receipt lists to excel or as a PDF making it easy to track outgoings and stay on top of your accounts

How to capture a receipt


Have a business account?

If you have a business account you can now quickly and easily apply for FreeAgent online accounting software through our iPhone and iPad Apps. Just tap on the ‘Products’ menu and choose the ‘Online Accounting’ option


Remove business accounts

Do you no longer use your business account or just don’t want to see it on your app anymore? On iPhone you can now remove any business accounts you have linked to your mobile app.

To do this simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to your app and select your business profile
  • Select the ‘My profile’ icon
  • Touch ‘Edit’
  • Then ‘Delete profile’


See all your business accounts in one place

All your business accounts can now be accessed through your app!

If you are a business customer with more than one business account you can now manage them all from the app using your existing log in details. Additional business accounts can be added through the ‘My Profile’ section in your mobile app.


Look and feel

Coming soon...

Interested to find out what we are working on and or great improvements we have planned?

Well now you can. Tap on the ‘help’ option within your app and then navigate to ‘Show me how’. Here you will now find a ‘What’s Next’ box. When you tap on this you will see what we are working on next to make your mobile experience even better.


Remain logged in

If you're using our mobile app and need to navigate away to check a text message or use another app, you can now access our app again without needing to log back in, as long as its within 2 minutes.

You are free to opt out from this feature if you would prefer to log in each time you move away from the app.


Introducing 'My profile'

‘My profile’ is a new area in the app where you can now easily update your details, settings and your notifications.

To view your profile tap the icon on the top right of your accounts home screen on your iPhone when you log in.


iPhone X - Face ID

Lucky enough to already have the iPhone X?

You can use your iPhone X to log into your mobile app using Face ID.


Our Android app has a new look

If you use an Android mobile phone or tablet you will notice we’ve introduced an improved look and layout, making it easier to navigate through our app and do you’re banking on the move.


Download the app on selected international mobile numbers

If you have not been able to download the app because you’ve got an international mobile number,  now you can.

You can now download and use our app on the following international mobile numbers.

These include:

Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.


Our app has a new look

You will notice we’ve given the app an improved new look.

These changes mean it is easier to discover and use more of the great features already available within the mobile app.


Introducing Cora

Cora is our new digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence that can answer your questions or help get you to the right place quickly.

You can find Cora by choosing ‘Message us’ in our mobile banking app.



Manage your ISA

We’ve made it even easier to manage your ISA via our app by adding helpful guidance on how to reactivate your ISA account if it's been inactive for the past tax year.


View, print or share a certificate of interest

You can now access a certificate of interest for eligible accounts direct from your mobile app.


To view your certificate of interest, select an account and tap the ‘Documents’ option, from here you can view certificates of interest for up to the past 7 years.


When you select the year you want to view, you will then have the option to view as a PDF, print or share your certificate of interest.


Make the switch to paperless credit card statements

You can now switch your NatWest MasterCard to paperless statements through our iPhone and Android app. Going paperless is easy, it can help reduce paper waste and you can view up to 24 months of statements through the app.


To switch to paperless statements, login to the app and navigate to your NatWest credit card. Tap the ‘Statements’ option, select ‘Delivery preferences’ and choose ‘Paperless statements’.


You can switch back to paper statements at any time.


You can manage your paperless settings for all of your eligible accounts through Online Banking where you can also access up to 7 years of statement history.

Start banking on the mobile app in minutes

App available to Online Banking customers with a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

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