Set up guide for Apple Watch | NatWest

How to enrol for NatWest for Apple Watch

You will be able to enrol for NatWest for Apple Watch through the NatWest mobile app on your paired iPhone. An iPhone 5 or higher is required. The NatWest mobile app is available to NatWest customers with Online Banking and a UK mobile number beginning 07.

Step by step guide


Step 1 - Select 'Apple Watch' from the More menu of your mobile app, then select 'Get Started'.

Step 2 - We recommend you set up a passcode on your Apple Watch, then select 'OK'.

Step 3 - You can select if you want to enable Get Cash with NatWest for Apple Watch.

Step 4 - And that's it! You are now able to start using NatWest for Apple Watch.

You can disable NatWest for Apple Watch at any time by logging on to the mobile app on your iPhone, click on Apple Watch in the More Menu and select the option to disable NatWest for Apple Watch.


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