Cash ISA Application Confirmation

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What happens next?


I finished my application, and need to provide more information

To keep your money safe, we need either a copy of your ID, or a signature to open your account:

  • We may email you shortly to let you know how to upload photos of your ID online

  • Alternatively, you'll receive an application pack in the post soon detailing exactly what you need to do next

We’ve registered you for online banking, if you don't use it already - once your account is open you can finish setting it up.

I've finished my application and have my new account details

We are delighted that you have opened your new account.You will shortly receive written confirmation of your new account details.


Start saving straight away


Did you know that customers who save with a standing order save £45 more each month than those who don’t? It’s a great habit to start. We will set up a standing order for you, or transfer money from an existing NatWest account, if you asked us to in your application.


Alternatively, you can pay into your account using your account number and sort code. Your account will show in Online Banking within 24 hours of being opened.

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