Fixed Term Savings Account (application confirmation)

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What happens next?


I've completed my application for a Fixed Term savings account

When you receive your account number and sort code you can pay into your Fixed Term Savings Account within 24 hours.


Your account will show in your Online Banking within 24 hours of your account being opened.


If you have not received an account number and sort code we will write to you regarding the next steps to set up your Fixed Term Savings Account.

How can I manage my fixed term savings account?

Please remember to transfer your funds to your new account by the last business day before the Fixed Term start date or the account with automatically convert into an Instant Saver.


You can put money into your account by either using Online Banking, visiting your local branch, or calling Telephone Banking. The Fixed Term start date for your issue can be found on your Information Sheet.


We will send you a Certificate of Deposit within 14 days of the Fixed Term start date.

I am not a UK tax payer

If you don't currently pay tax in the UK you'll need to fill out a form to receive your interest tax free. After you receive your account number and sort code visit a branch or call us on 0800 200 400 or by Minicom 0800 917 0526. Calls may be recorded.

How can I use Online Banking?

If you do not already use our online banking service, you will need to sign up to NatWest Online Banking.


Once you are set up with Online Banking you will need register for a card reader to arrange payments from your account.


Log in to order your card reader.

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