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Video Transcript Mortgage Application Tracker

Welcome to the NatWest Mortgage Application Tracker video.

The Mortgage Application Tracker allows you to view the progress and current status of a new mortgage or remortgage application online without having to pick up the phone, and it's usually available within 48 hours of completing a mortgage application.

To access the mortgage tracker simply follow the link on the NatWest Mortgage Application Tracker page or mortgage home page or type, as shown on screen.

To view your mortgage applications, first you need your mortgage reference number.

You will find this on all correspondence sent to in connection to your mortgage application. Input your number as directed in the first box of the mortgage application tracking page, your date of birth in the format is shown, then your surname.Then simply select log in below your surname.

You will then be taken to the main Mortgage Application Tracker page, showing you the progress of your application. You'll be able to see this is your application as your address and postcode will be on the right-hand corner of the page.

The steps of your mortgage application are broken down into four steps. Assessment. Our mortgage teams will fully assess your application and supporting documentation.

Valuation. Broken into two stages the instruction of the valuation and assessment once the valuation has been received. Offer this is the full mortgage loan offer and Completion. This is broken down into three stages, preparation, funds being ready for release and finally funds released. A progress bar showing the progress of the application will be on this page and will clearly display the current stage of mortgage application.

Click the question mark the right of the stage show more information on each of the appropriate steps. Select the drop down icon to view the current and complete action. Where the stage has been completed the time and date it was done will show with a tick.

Should we require more information from you it will be clearly stated with an exclamation mark and actions that we are working to progress your application. You can view each of the steps throughout the period of the application until the last stages are complete in the same way until the funds have been released which will be shown here.

Should you require more information there is a list of FAQs to use at the bottom of the page and you can also asks specific questions to narrow the results by typing the question in the box shown.

If at any stage we need you to call us, it will clearly show on the screen or if you still have a question that cannot be answered on the Mortgage Application Tracker then you can contact us by phone.

Click on the Contact Us icon shown on the screen.To log out, click on the 'Log Out' button.

You can login again at a later stage or to view another mortgage application should you have one.

Thank you.


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