Remortgaging with NatWest

Switch your existing NatWest mortgage

Get started on switching your mortgage

Are you ready to switch your mortgage to a different deal, or just getting ready for when you remortgage over the coming months?

Get started by logging in to our "Manage my Mortgage" system and get a personalised quote in only a few minutes. All you need to login are your:

Mortgage account number 


Date of birth


Please note our online service may be unavailable from 5am to 7am due to routine maintenance.

Unsure if you can switch your deal right now?

You'll need to talk to us if...

You would like advice about choosing a new deal

You have a NatWest Offset mortgage

You should be able to switch online if...

You’re happy to choose your new deal without advice

Your current residential or buy to let mortgage deal ends in under three months

Your mortgage deal has ended and you're currently on our Standard Variable Rate (SVR)

Why keep your mortgage with NatWest?

  1. 01

    We know you

    We already have your details. If your circumstances haven't changed, we won't need to carry out any credit or affordability checks 

  2. 02

    Getting a quote is quick

    Our secure online platform lets you complete your application in under ten minutes.

  3. 03

    You can plan in advance

    You can pick a new deal three months in advance, we'll switch it when your current deal ends.

  4. 04

    Choice and confidence

    Your quote is personalised and you can progress online or in person, whichever you're more comfortable with.

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