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How to save money on flights

Finding a flight at the price you want isn't always easy, so here are our top tips on finding bargain flights.



Starting your search

Kick off your search with a price comparison website. Sites like Skyscanner allow you to be as specific or flexible as you like when you’re searching - you don't even have to give a destination; simply browse by your chosen date and take your pick from the best flight deals. If you do have somewhere in mind, you can pinpoint the best time to travel to your chosen destination.


It can help to book in advance, especially for holidays during popular summer months and school holidays. But, if you miss your chance to get in early, you could still grab a last minute deal. Sales for weekend flights usually start on a Monday, but as more competitors list their deals, prices can drop further so Tuesday evening can be a good time to snap up a bargain. 



Planning your route

If you're looking to make some serious savings, it's worth doing your research when it comes to finding the cheapest route for your journey. That could mean flying out from an airport a bit further from home, or splitting your journey into much cheaper separate flights.


For instance, Copenhagen is typically one of the cheapest destinations from the UK, and from there you can often get to other European cities at a low cost. You could even hop on a train or coach to your next destination. It takes careful planning, but could save you plenty of money.



Booking your flight

Before you hit 'book', there are a few things you should check.


  • Find out what's been included in your booking. Travel insurance, seat allocations or charity donations may have been automatically selected, so make sure you know what you’re paying for.
  • Have a quick search online for any discount codes that might be available. If you're studying or under 26, check if there are cheaper flights available with companies like STA Travel, who specialise in travel for students and young people.
  • If you book directly with the airline, you might want to pay with a credit card. This will give you some protection against any unplanned events, like a company going out of business. You'll also be able to make the most of any rewards.

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