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Help when travelling abroad

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Experience the quickest way to manage your money.

Help if your travel plans have changed

We understand your travel plans may have changed. Find out how we can help with travel money refunds, debit and credit card payments below.

If your holiday or flight has been cancelled, please get in touch with your travel provider in the first instance as we can only dispute the payment after the travel date has passed and the travel provider is unable to assist you.

My trip has been cancelled

Card payment refunds

For information on how to claim for a cancelled holiday that you’ve paid for on your debit or credit card, please fill in and submit the relevant 'goods or services not received' form below.

I need a travel money refund

Currency refunds

For information on how to get a refund on travel money orders, please visit our travel money page where you will find a step by step guide to help you get your money back.

Coronavirus travel advice and FAQs

We've pulled together a range of commonly asked questions and answers to help you during this difficult time.

Travel advice during the coronavirus outbreak

You can find the latest travel guidance on the UK Government website, including information on travelling abroad, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings.

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