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Have you seen the Reward Account?
Earn 2% back in Rewards on 7 household bills

If you're paying for household bills, we'll give you 2% back in Rewards with one of our Reward accounts, as long as you pay by Direct Debit.  That's council tax, gas, electricity, water, phone, TV and broadband bills. That means for every £100 of household bills you get £2 back.  Monthly account fee applies.

Why not have a quick go on our Rewards calculator and see how much your Rewards will be worth each month.

Available to over 18s and UK residents only. £2 monthly fee.

Find out how to get rewarded

Now work out your budget

You've worked out how much your take home pay is after tax and deductions, use our Budget Calculator to work out how much you can afford.

Use the Budget Calculator
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