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Planning your wedding

Create a wedding budget

You should start planning your big day by creating a budget. With the average cost of a UK wedding being around £22,000, it's a good idea to do your sums first.

Think about how much you have and how much you want to spend:

Do you already have some money set aside?

Will either of your families be contributing?

Do you need to start saving?

You can use our budget calculator to see what you can afford.

Get in control of your Spending

Our Mobile Banking app now comes with Spending.

Spending is a handy feature that automatically places your current account transactions into categories, so you can get a detailed picture of where your money goes each month. You could even set up a budget against each category, challenging yourself to save more. 

Get saving

If you do need to save up for your wedding, you could set up a savings goal, and also think about taking out a saving account to put money away.
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Set a wedding savings goal

Work out what you need to pay for your big day and use the tool to help you get there. Your savings goal will be linked to your NatWest savings account.
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Save towards your wedding fund

Our Digital Regular Saver account could help towards your wedding if you want to grow your balance little by little. Exclusively for our current account customers, aged 18+.

Thinking about a loan?

You might want to look at borrowing some money to top up your savings and cover your wedding costs if you're over 18.
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Look at our wedding loans

You could consider a personal loan between £7,500 and £19,950, representative 3.9% APR. Other amounts available at alternative rates, specific eligibility criteria apply.

Moving in together

You may be setting up home together before or after your wedding, either way our guide will give you some handy tips to get started.

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