The basics of borrowing

If you need to borrow money, this whistle stop tour will help you understand the differences between credit cards, loans and overdrafts. We'll focus on their key features and important information to note.


Personal loans allow you to borrow a fixed amount over a fixed term usually at a fixed interest rate.

Credit cards

A credit card lets you make purchases up to a pre-arranged limit.


An arranged overdraft lets you borrow money through your current account up to a pre-agreed limit.

Helpful tools

Loan calculator

See how much you could borrow. Eligibility applies. Over 18s only.

Credit card calculator

Figure out your minimum payments and more. Eligibility applies. Over 18s only.

Overdraft calculator

See what an overdraft could cost. Eligibility applies. Over 18s only.

Borrowing tool

Not to sure on the right type of borrowing to go for? We could help.

Representative examples explained

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