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Running a bank account

The first step to managing your money better is to get your bank account running smoothly. We’ve put together a few tips to help you.

Online & Mobile Banking

Keep an eye on your account incoming and outgoings by logging into your account regularly. Check your statements and let your bank know if there’s anything that doesn’t look quite right. 
Keep track of your banking

Taking out cash

Most cash machines that belong to a UK bank are free to use. But watch out for cash machines in the UK and abroad that charge. The cash machine will usually tell you before you withdraw cash that you’ll be charged so you can cancel if you want to. 
Find your nearest branch

Making payments

For one-off payments, you can transfer your money using telephone or online banking. For regular payments like monthly bills, you can set up a direct debit or standing order so the money is transferred automatically. 

Take note of the date any regular payments will be coming out of your account. Set yourself a reminder so that you can make sure you've got enough to cover it.
Set up a Direct Debit


If you know you’ve got a direct debit or standing order coming out and you don’t think you’ve got enough cash in your account to cover it, speak to someone at your bank. They may be able to give you an authorised overdraft to help tide you over. You may still be charged interest on it but the charges for unauthorised overdrafts are much higher. Use our overdraft calculator to see how an  authorised overdraft can help save you money and how to avoid unexpected costs.
See how overdrafts can help you

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