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Making your money go further

Ideas to help you get into good money habits

Calculate your budget

We’ve got a whole new year ahead of us, which means it’s an ideal time to think ahead and save money. So we’ve come up with a few ideas and tips to help you. The small changes you can make to your budgets and spending will make a big difference in future.

Bills, food, petrol, lunch with friends, clothes, haircuts, dinner,’s easy to get caught up in the everyday. But all it takes is a little planning, and you could soon be reaping the rewards. 

Work out a budget and stick to it

Sit down and make a plan. Once you know exactly where your money goes, it’s easier to see what’s important and where you can cutback your spending if you need to.


Use our simple budget calculator to work out the sums for you, there’s also a handy reminder of all the things you’d need to include.


Search out the best insurance deals

Keep an eye on your car, home or annual travel insurance renewal dates when setting your budget.


Although it’s easy to stay with the same provider, don’t just automatically accept the renewal offer, check the online comparison sites first –  like and – for hundreds of policy comparisons in seconds.


Your existing provider will often match a lower quote so, if you still want to stay with them, don’t be scared to haggle.

Bring down those credit card payments

One of the best ways to sort out your money is to pay off your most expensive debts first.


So if you’ve got credit cards and don’t clear your balances every month, see if you can transfer them from more expensive cards to less expensive ones.


Or consider paying them off with a low-cost loan. And if you’re trying to save money each month, it may be worth prioritising your debts and reducing your savings until you’ve cleared the debt.

A little something for a rainy day

So your budget’s set and you’ve a few spare pounds left. Why not save for that something special or to be prepared for the unexpected? It needn’t be hundreds, just a couple of pounds a week.


It’ll soon add up. You can start today by setting up a standing order to do it all for you. That way you can pay whatever you want into your savings account every month. And you can change or stop it anytime.


Use our Savings Goal Tool to work out your figures. Simply log in to online banking or register, once you are logged in it’s under your accounts summary.  Type in what you’re saving for, your target amount and when you need it by.


The tool will then work out how much you need to save each month to get there. Every time you log in it’ll tell you how you’re doing. If you’re starting to fall short, it’ll automatically work out a new schedule for you. And of course, you can update it anytime you want.  

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