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Paying off your debts

Even though you’re trying to pay off your debts, you might find they just keep growing and you feel like you’re falling into a spiral of debt. Having debts looming over you can understandably feel a little overwhelming, but by tackling them one step at a time you can make them much more manageable and a bit less daunting.

Firstly, you can make use of our Debt Calculator. The Debt Calculator allows you to calculate your total current debt before showing you how soon you could pay it off and how much you’ll need to pay off each month.

Once you know how much you’ll need to pay off, the next step is to organise which debts should be paid off first. You should prioritise the debts that have the biggest consequence for not paying them back; for example not making your mortgage repayments could result in you losing your home. You should also consider which of your debts will incur the most amount interest. It may be tempting to pay off the smaller debts first but chipping away at your larger debts may be more beneficial in the long-run.

To discover more tips on how to tackle your debts effectively, visit the Debt Support page


Paying off your debts

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