Carpet, vinyl or laminate?




Carpet, vinyl or laminate? Choosing your new flooring

Contribution by Sarah Akwisombe from | March 2015
Sarah is an award-winning interior stylist and blogger. Sarah encourages homeowners to have fun experimenting with style.

My husband and I moved into our first home in May 2013. It needed sprucing up before it was fit to live in, nothing major, but almost everything you could think of cosmetically including plastering, painting and new flooring throughout. Which should have been fairly easy, right? How wrong we were!

The flooring didn’t seem to be a big job. We thought it would be a case of a bit of carpet here and there, and we’d do bits as we went. What we didn’t consider was that floors need to be walked on! So when it came to having new flooring laid there was a slight issue - we simply didn’t factor in any of the time that we wouldn’t be able to walk on it! Again naively, I thought these things would be ready to use in a matter of hours.

Carpet was without doubt the easiest and fastest flooring choice. Within a couple of hours underlay went down, fresh new carpets were laid and floor bars fixed. A little bit of a vacuum and it was good to go!

The same can’t be said for when we had our 80-year-old original hallway floorboards sanded, stained and varnished. Each part of the process took at least a day. We wanted our pine floorboards to be a deep, rich, walnut-colour, which meant layers of stain had to go on and dry. We had to keep extending the time we were staying with family members, which was a hassle, especially with young kids.

Without a doubt, the most testing of our flooring adventures was when we decided to lay a screed flooring that would have the effect of polished concrete. All was going to plan until my husband decided to get adventurous and jump over a patch of wet screed. Two foot holes and a ton of screed later we ended up with a patchy floor that wouldn’t dry out for days, leaving us with no access to the bathroom, kitchen or loo. I don’t need to tell you how annoying that was!

Despite everything, we're so pleased with our results. Flooring is a great way to bring a unique character to your home.

Sarah Akwisombe - Blogger

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