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Save money when planning a baby

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Manage the cost of your new addition

From nappies to baby monitors, the things you’ll need for your baby can seem endless. Try not to be overwhelmed and start shopping straight away. Not everything has to be new and a little bit of planning could save you some much-needed cash. 

Secondhand doesn’t mean second best. For safety, some items like car seats and mattresses should be new, other things like highchairs, buggies and monitors can be borrowed or bought secondhand. Just check they’re in good condition first.

Let your family and friends know that you’d be interested in any hand-me-downs they might have. Someone is bound to have something stashed away that they don’t need anymore. Be a savvy shopper. Buy during the sales to get essentials at a good price. Make sure you read online reviews on sites like Netmums before you buy.

See if you can find a Nearly New sale near you to pick up some bargains. Look out for local mum-and-baby groups, which often hold tabletop sales of baby items, and websites like eBay and Gumtree are good places to find bargains. Save your money for the things your really want - and when you've finished using something, sell it to get some of your cash back.

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